Common vs Holy

Among the people of this world, Christianity is considered a choice.  “So many choices.  So many variations of Truth.  And if you ask the follower of any religion whether his religion is true, what answer do you expect to get?  I will just pick something because it suits my personality.”

One will be a violent man, because he sees violence everywhere.  One will worship satan, because he has heard that there is power in evil.  One says he believes there is a God, but does nothing to find out what that God desires (That is the man’s religion).  Why should I continue to write about the other myriad of variations?  You know what they are.

And hasn’t God commanded that this is the way it will be.  The blind will remain blind.  The deaf will never hear the Holy nature of God’s Son.  All the generations of men have been this way.  So it will continue to the end.

But what are Christians commanded to do?  Do not be like the world.  Do not offer up appreciation for the foul things the world thinks are beautiful.  Did not say, along with them, “Man is innocent”.  We are to be a separate people to the Holy Living God.

As you look about you, is that what you see?  Who, among God’s people in Christ, will stand up and say no to sin and yes to the Righteous and Holy ways of Jesus?  Who, by their very life, will prove that there is a distinction between Christianity and every other variation of so-called truth?  Is the power of God given through Jesus?  Or is it just a series of words put in the right position at the right time?  If you believe that the others were justified in their selection of what they call truth, it would be good to examine whether you are a Christian.


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