Employment Opportunities

​Think about the example of business.  From the one who gets fired out of necessity, to the one whom they groom to lead the company, willful dedication is what they’re looking for.  Why doesn’t the apply to heaven?
There are grumblers and vile Souls who think there’s nothing wrong with the way they are.  How such people expect blessings from God is beyond me.  But they sure cry out for a blessing when they need one.  And there are people who dedicate their entire life to the things of God.  There is no possible way that God will leave them without blessing.

Want to get fired from heaven?  Just let your actions speak for themselves.  (Nothing in nothing out.)  Do you want to secure friendship with Jesus?  Do the things He commands us to do.

I don’t know where this logical train of thought falls apart.  But I see a whole lot more people who want to get fired, than I do those who desire His friendship.  No, I didn’t make a mistake.  They want to get fired.  “Poor little pitiful me, I just can’t do it.”

P.S.  Hell doesn’t offer unemployment benefits.


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