The Sickness

I can speak of this personally.  What the world calls madness has fallen upon me.  And much like the madman who’s drool becomes a beard,  I am oblivious to their concern.

“He is not like us.  He does not prize the things of wealth.  He does not show proper concern for sickness and trouble.  He does not protect his property.  He does not show regard for proper education.  He makes a mockery of what is important to us.  He thinks every man is a liar, he doesn’t honor the necessity of political compromise.  We would call him paranoid, but he does not display the fear associated with that bend of mind.  No, this is a sickness called obsessive religion.”

And they are right.  I am obsessed with the Holy and Righteous Son of the Living God.  Worse than that, I am not ashamed.  Didn’t they accuse my God of the same thing when he walked this Earth?  

It has been said I have lost my Humanity.  Yes I’m have.  Have you looked around and defined what humanity is?  And am I supposed to take that saying as an offense?

“If he were truly from God he would have a great following.”  How many is 12?  

Passion for your house has consumed me,

and the insults of those who insult you have fallen on me.”

(And I am made greatly glad.)


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