​If someone will inherit the things of God in Christ,  why wouldn’t he or she be extremely passionate about the coming promise?  Even if that person’s faith is extremely small, you would think there is an unquenchable joy and yearning for the things of God’s promise.
But if that person truly believes what God has said about his people, how could they possibly resist sharing the joy?
Maybe they don’t understand what God has said.  Maybe they don’t know what God has said.  Both of those can be rectified by reading the New Testament.
But why would anyone who believes these things choose to live like the world lives?!  How could such a joy be pushed down to silence?  How could such a person have so much fun in the ridiculous and useless trivia of this world?  You would think their longing for the place God promises is so intense that none of the things here give them any joy it all.
I’m trying to help everyone see.  And I just don’t understand why they don’t.  I don’t want to infer yucky thoughts toward people.  But I’ll admit I’m running out of excuses.


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