“Get a Room!”

​You cannot take your love of God to the bank and ask for money.  You can’t tell them how you love God and expect them to hand you over $10,000.  That would be considered an insane attempt.  You’ll likely meet the men in blue in just a few minutes.
But I have seen that I cannot take my love for God anywhere and expect people to love me.  No, curiously enough, I am forced to keep my love for God suppressed when I’m face-to-face with another man.  To open my soul before another and openly praise the Living God’s Holy Son is often considered obscene.  Almost like they say, “Get a room”.
But I know of a place where the praise for the Living God will shake the foundations of Heaven.  Who knows how long that celebration will last.  Joy and love, like man has never seen, will fill the hearts of those who love the Lord Jesus.  They will sing and dance, yell and laugh.  They will hug each other with abandon.  And no one will ever be ashamed of His Holy name again.
This is a war zone.  A war of belief.  The question between the enemies is this: “Who is God, Man or Jesus”.  Choose your answer carefully.


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