Spiritual Mark on the Doorpost

​Every human being has a religion.  Religion is Man’s obedience to his version of God.  It is good then to obey the constructs of our religion.  But it is better to employ the trappings of faith.
     Every once in awhile, when the time seems right to you, put your religion in a box and leave it outside your room of Prayer.  Dress yourself in nothing more than faith.  Then go to God in truth.
     Once stripped of what you think is righteous obedience, you will find yourself humbly and woefully inadequate before the Living God.  But when you leave the room of Prayer, and recover all your trappings of religion, they will seem far less important.  You will have grown a smidge or two.
By His Grace 


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Mark on the Doorpost

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