Anacondaian tapeworms

​I was filling out the work order for today’s work.  I drew and N.  I noticed how it was misshapen.   I thought to myself, “Well you’re just not perfect are ya”.  
How bad is self righteousness?  How foolish to look down on others when we are so horribly imperfect ourselves.  But don’t we do it all day long?
Imperfection lives in us like a hungry Anaconda; always looking for someone else to devour.  And it’s impossible for a man to kill that massive tapeworm.  You need the Lord Jesus to rule over your thoughts.

And how unenlightened are those who tell the Christian he has no right to judge.   The Christian isn’t judging, my friend.  He’s trying to tell it to you like it is.  But see how your self-righteousness gets in the way of your ears.


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