“Fill Er Up”

​There was a man who was in the habit of filling the tank on his car with just enough gasoline to get where he wanted to go.  He was careful to calculate.  And for years he was successful.

Then the day came, that inevitable day.  He waited for an hour in Sub-Zero temperatures while the road was cleared so he could proceed.  He ended up 9 miles from his next refueling.  He froze to death as his car laying in the ditch alongside an empty road.

He had a good idea as long as things stayed stable.  But it would be impossible to call his habits wise.  What, inside his pee size brain, told him this world was stable enough to act like that?

God calls every single human being to honor his Holy Son and become a servant of Eternal truth and life.  I don’t say this to judge but it is a proper question.  How many people fill their soul with just enough God to get through the day with some form of prosperity?

There is coming a day for every person, and likely more than one, where their personal religion will not suffice.  God is life.  How much Life do you carry with you?

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