​Define the word “good”.

Now after you just shot some definition at the word, think about the definition you used.  Did your mind really define the word “good”?  

“Good” isn’t subject to fault.

It doesn’t offer itself to personal opinion.

It doesn’t even wonder whether you are right or wrong.

“Good” is absolute, endless, unwavering, pure, exclusive, wise, dutiful, and all the other words we have to describe perfection.

The next time someone asks how you are, try not to respond “good”.  God alone is Good.  At best, we are in reasonably fair condition considering the circumstances.

The Lord told us to season our conversations with salt.  That means understanding what we say, injecting truth without mercy into our tongue, and making sure people understand that there is good truth to be had.  If we don’t display it, who will.


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