​All the world wants to avoid sorrow.  They smack down poverty of every kind, as often as they possibly can; material things, financially, social, and poverty of the soul.  Yeah, they go after poverty with a vengeance.
But in my life I’ve noticed something interesting.  When I had things, and life seemed to go well, I tried to rest there.  “This is good enough”, I thought to myself.  I figured I could easily live this way all the rest of my life.  But sorrow came back.  The joy of peaceful stability was ruined.
Sorrow is a friend, it is not an enemy.  It does not come to destroy, it comes to teach.  Look how Innovative we become after a serious bout of sorrow.
Humanity is like a poor student in school.  No matter what needs to be learned there’s always resistance.  Humility and wisdom is the key.  They both force us to realize we don’t understand hardly anything.
Has your life been a series of sorrowful exploits?  Did you find that you just gave up?  I did.  I became innovative with the mud of my own mire.  I didn’t think it would ever stop.  
I have to say it was Jesus who transformed me.  His interaction with me through the last decade  would take volumes to write.  But I can summarize how he did it.  
He taught me how to make the bed in the morning.  He taught me how to do the dishes when I was done eating.  He taught me that when I see something needing picked up or done, do it.  He lifted me out of my mud pit by teaching me to be dutiful not dooless.
I still face sorrow.  It comes to visit nearly every day.  But I no longer look at it as an enemy.  It is filled with the lessons my teacher desires me to learn.  Prosperity is only an honest prayer away.

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