Another quasi rant

(There’s no need to apologize.  There are millions who feel the same way.)

I’m going to try to be nice.  But it’s really difficult.   What kind of words can talk about this and be nice?  

I’m tired of being told I should do something that God has told me not to do.  “Don’t join in with the celebration of lust that you see in the world.”  (A paraphrase of 1000s of scriptures)

I’m so sick of hearing about diversity.  I would agree when it comes to cultures and the color of skin.  Maybe even diversity according to physical ailment.  And the frailty of humans to do with is perfect and right, that needs to be mentioned.  Yeah, why wouldn’t I accept them just like I am accepted before God in Jesus?  But we all know that’s not what they mean.

They mean that I should treat a person as if they are righteous regardless what they do with their body.  If it’s done in secret, then how should I treat them any differently than the cultural differences I accept?  I don’t strive to suspect, I don’t strive to judge, I strive to accept and to bring life.

But when they make an open mockery of God’s natural will ………………..

Right about here I launch into all kinds of negative words.  God does not call people to mediocrity or less.  He calls us all to his Holy standard.  The watering hole is in the east.  But the mass of people are headed west to the desert!  I’m not supposed to say anything?!!!  I’m not supposed to despise these orders to comply?  

This isn’t going to “just go away” folks.  Maybe it’s time to take an open stand.  It’s already too late for the world; see how they adore their new-found freedom.  But there really ought to be a mega voice being heard.  I listened hard, but all I hear are whispers in the inner rooms!  



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