The Living Promise 

The place where free will can be tested. A place where God’s commands can be broken. A place where free will can choose to love the One who made it, or despise Him forever.  

A place where it is possible for violence to be king. A place where it is possible for compassion to suffer seemingly endless sorrow. A place where there is no such thing as innocence, until God Himself comes to inhabit a body.  

That’s where we live, my Friends. Perhaps better said, that’s where we wait to die; when we will move into the next place of His creation. 

With deft and Holy intent, He made this place. He has set unimaginable rewards in a place we have yet to see. He has entered into chaos to give life to dead bones. And billions have already been sealed for eternal life and joy. 

Trust in Jesus cannot be useless. See how He delivered His promise. He did not come to deliver sorrow. He came into sorrow to deliver hope.  

Mistrust of everything in this world is appropriate. Not so with the promise of God. We restrain our joy at the things this world offers. But isn’t that because this world can not deliver what we need. Empty promises and broken hearts is all the world has in its hand.  

He promised you. It is impossible for Him to lie. When it comes to our Lord, we have every right to be full of joy and hope. If you have received the promise of God, you are engaged to be married to the King of all creation.  

He will never abandon you. He will never leave you hungry. You will not be dressed in rags, nor struggle to survive, alone. You will from eat all the beautiful things he desires to create. You will be full of joy, and that eternally.  

Measure the kind of hope He has delivered to our hearts. Measure, and be at peace.  


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