The Promise

It is not obedience that opens the eyes.  

It is not repetitive chanting 

That brings the luscious surprise.  

It is not among the gaggle 

With whom we choose to mill about.  

It is simply our believing that brings the joyous shout.  

He said:

“I have a throne of Glory.  

My Father makes it mine.  

The joy and peace in which I live,

I desire to make it thine.  

And do you doubt,

Poor wandering soul.  

Take my hand,

I’ll prove to you.  

I’ll take you on a journey.  

To the place where all is new.  

There was a pool of blood.  

There was a rending a flesh. 

There was a place,

An indelible race,

Wipe the tears from your lovely face.  

If a man ever wanted a woman.  

If a woman ever wanted a man. 

How much more the living desire

from the Son of the great I AM.”

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