The Path

There is a path 

Upon which there,

No sin can ever walk.  

Truth alone resides there on,


Useless talk.    

Upon that path the Lord himself,

Traverses at his leisure.  

Displaying God the Father’s will,

With His Glory,

Seeking pleasure.  

The proud stand clear and

Yell to Him 

Too hear

Their just and honorable cause.  

He pays no mind.  

Leaving them behind,

Intent with eyes for loss. 

He does not rest.  

Seeking for the best.  

To deliver wondrous hope.

The broken, 



Sorrowful few.  

He’s looking, friend,

For hearts to mend.  

He’s looking for

Me and you:

The purpose of his Holy Mind,

The penitent few to find.  

Be bold!


Approach and know,

The Living God is kind.  


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