Our Haunting Past

My hands stay firm upon the wheel.  For I must go where I am sent. 

Yet, memories catch up with me.  

Ah, the piercing pain of stupidity!

The “hands” of my soul stretch far behind, to undo the past that tortures my mind.  

There! In the mist, I see it now. I foolishly think, “I can reach it somehow”.

Then shadows do measure the distance between. That dark and gray mist is as light-years from me.  

I haul my hands back, and give this some thought. “Remember from what your soul has been bought”.  

The past is removed! Far more than my reach. “Lest, by misguided love, My promise you breach”.

Remember this, friends, when history assails. Whether seconds or centuries, as fear makes you pale.  

You cannot go back. And no blame’s to be had, regardless your deeds (if they’re good or they’re bad).  

As long as your trust is in Jesus, you see. Your sins are forgiven by Righteous Great Glory.  


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