The Difference

The one who loves 
God’s Holy Son, 


The glaring 


Accused without,

Accused within,

Accused by doubt,

His strength is in

A Heaven borne  Surety:

The Hope from Him.  


No longer is he dressed 

As those 

From whom he came, 

As is supposed.  

But now his heart sees better things;

A Raging land where Truth is King.  

A land where lies are not allowed.  

Where all old ways are disavowed.  

A Jealous hand has dressed him so. 

Sealed strong with promise, 

“I’ll not let you go”.

And so,

The echo sounds within his soul.  

As better things he’s seen.  

Yet through his loving urging,

He’s only seen as mean.  

As one step leads 

To the next one planted,

From love to love 

His heart is challenged.  

To speak?  

He must. 

To do?

He’s thrust.  

By virtue of 

Grand Love Within.  

No opposition’s 

Strong enough,

To lightly challenge Him!  

“Forgive them,

For they do not know

The damage that they do.  

Though all day long

We sing Your song.  

It’s not us they hate. 

It’s You.”


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