Is Repetition Valuable

In our personal religion (that is to say, out response to what we know of God) there is an element of repetition. This repetition is necessary, by virtue of our state of affairs. But do we have room to receive something vastly beyond our petty repetition?  

By the use of the word petty, I don’t mean that we are being childish (or even foolish and useless) in our repetition.  

What I mean is that the way we perceive things is always shrouded by chaos and death. We may be doing well with what we have; those things we really understand correctly. But I’m convinced there’s something greatly more, and I’m convinced that it’s right to be so convinced.  

I guess the question is this, “Is our religion designed so that we can be heard in Heaven? Or is it designed to hear what comes from the God who is absolutely life?” If our religion doesn’t give birth to the second, can it really be valuable?


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