Sorrow’s Repercussions

Word frames to paint the repercussions of sorrow:

How much sorrow in this world is swallowed by humanity? The pain we feel inside never finds a place of release. What is the sound of a wounded heart?  Humanity doesn’t have the ability to voice it.  

How much sorrow is dished out in this world and the people eat it all day long? What is the size of container necessary to keep it all bottled up? I don’t think such a container could be on the earth, it is just too large!

This is the reason the world is isolated from the glorious throne of the living God. This incubator of godly traits will not find an audience before purity.  

If sorrow made a noise what would it be? And if the volume of that noise from one man is loud, what is the sound of all humanity from Adam until now. 

 Once the sound is uttered, or a feeling of sorrow kept inside, it can never be dismissed or extinguished, it can only be ignored. The deed is done and the payment is in the soul.  

It is the mercy of God that we cannot hear the horror of what we do. But God surely hears.  

A wailing is heard in heaven. A constant sound of torture, echoing off walls of peace. It is not so much the volume that should be disturbing, it’s the sound itself.  

Do we think a little sin is no trouble when compared to a large sin? Doesn’t a small sin add to the roar of sorrow? Who are we to divide what is righteous, what is moderate, and what is deadly? 

If God gave us ears to hear what we do, would it subdue our selfish desire? Or would the sound of our own wickedness caused us to wail even louder?

Withdraw from the war against your brothers. Minimize regret.  


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