In God We Trust

“In God we trust.” I know what that means. You know what that means. Our minds understand the definition. But our lives will prove something greatly less.  

In the history of Man, only Jesus could say it fully; “In God I trust”. Everyone else holds something in reserve to themselves.  

It is because of our living definition (the proof of our choices) that we find so much tragedy in this world. Every single place we reserve the right for judgment, wisdom, righteousness, and doings, we add to the chaos of this world. Everyplace we deny him the right to be our God, we frustrate his desire.    

You want a New Year’s resolution? Improve your intent to trust God. Strive to let Jesus be your master more and more this year.  

It was said that when Jesus knew his time was near he set his face like flint toward Jerusalem. As we employ that same attitude we can refine our definition of trust in the living God.  

May God grant us eyes to see and ears to hear that he may have what rightfully belongs to him.  


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