Thinking about medicines. How we all wish there was one single pill you could take and everything would be great forever. That pill is called panacea. “The fix all to end all troubles.”  

This week I’ve been stuffed full of antibiotics. So I’ve given a Little thought about a panacea. Surprise! Wouldn’t it be great. But it’s just wishful thinking. There is no such pill. But there is a panacea.  

Everybody gets to take it. And it’s strength is endlessly useful. The funny thing is, no one seems to want to take it. But as soon as they do everything becomes perfectly right. It’s called death.  

At the moment we take it, everything is divided into the places it should be and will be forever. Everything evil goes to the place where everything evil belongs (The wastebasket of eternity). And the righteous are released into eternal glory and joy. It is so powerful that once you take it it can never be undertaken.  

Now that’s a panacea!   Who’s next?

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