God The Father. Jesus His Righteous Son.  

Faithful, glorious, beautiful, Good, first, last, and every good word.  

Nothing, nothing matters more.  

Those who speak on his behalf are not to be admired. They have done nothing more than is right to expect from every man.  

He moves. And who sees Him do his doings? He sustains His own Holy Name. He causes the dead to praise Him. He causes the unrighteous to love Him. He causes rotted trees to rise and walk.    

He brings Life to be as He desires, and no one gives Him counsel in His Holy work. The dead cannot perceive the life around them.  

None, of this world’s rabble will love His people, whom Himself has raised up. As they hate the Lord’s commands, so they will despise His work among them.  

Let such things be. It has been so from the beginning, it is so now, it will even be so when God gathers all souls together in the valley of judgment. As a man is, so he is sealed at death. So be it.  

Popularity belongs to God alone, but see how Man usurps God’s right to judge importance and honor.   

Love belongs to God alone. See how twisted, dishonorable, and wicked is the tongue of Man to associate every wicked lust with Love.  

Righteousness belongs to God alone. See them praise the work of slaves as if they should rule nations by their charitable deeds. They did their master’s bidding with the wealth of their master. Even their very lives belong to someone else. Why praise a flea for leaving your body?

May your Holy will be done forever, O Blessed and Faithful One! Even the shadows honor You by their rebellious ways.  

By His Grace in Christ Jesus.  



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