They say, “yes”.  

“We live in a land of shadows.  Reality and forever is beyond our comprehension.”  

They say “yes”.

“Eternal reality has come to walk among us.  He brought the incomprehensible to live in our language.”

They say, “I’m not sure”.

When the Lord promised to bring beauty to the ugly.  Though true light was brought to us we prefer to live in shadows.  

They say, “I don’t know”.

When they wonder, “Does this apply to me”.

It applies to everyone. How are you not included? And if we have been included, how can we possibly remain silent and timid?

Is it wicked for a man to eat a marvelous meal in the comfort of his home while the beggars crouch around his steps?


The Undeniable Cruise

The waves beat against the hull of the ship.  With a silent and determined anger;

With gluttony for autonomy,

They desire “unimpeded”.  

See how the steel says, “No”.  

See how they are forced to go,


How the strength of their ruin is utterly devastated.  

How, with present Will

pressed against them, 

they turn to white frothing.

At the majesty they encounter;  

They turn to –

Mere nothing.  

Like they do as the wind whips them up, 

in small measure 

The sea is dotted with purity.  


With impassable Will

All is turned back.  

“You will not pass.  

I cannot relent.  

I move through your midst,

My strength never spent.”

Be still!

Cease your work!

Bow to Me!

My people will pass

Speaks The Maker He.  

Move Holy Spirit.  

Move through my soul.  

Be the ship that carries 

The desire of Your own will. 

As it has been from old.  

Be in me the strength of your love.  

Keep me on the

“Inward side.”


Sometimes when the mind sees the truth, it comes with such blazing clarity that words can’t possibly define it. And the truth comes so quickly, as if In a vision. (A mental snapshot of the unseen).   

I just had one of those encounters with truth. But I don’t know if I can summon the words to portray it correctly. Nevertheless, I’m compelled to try.  

I was thinking of how impossible it is for a man to influence another’s relationship with God. In my own mind I saw a wall between myself and any other man.  

Then the thought expanded, quickly and greatly.  

It’s not a wall between men. It’s a cylinder around every man that reaches to the very throne of God.  

Sometimes it’s darkened to blackness at the top, and no light can come from God. Other times it varies in degrees of brightness, depending on the man’s willingness to love the one who made him.  

We cannot influence another man’s relationship with God. The man must do it himself.  

How useless then, to think that all these writings have any positive affect at all. It is still the will of every man and woman to either believe or not.  

Still, how can I keep such things to myself?


We are the sum of what we have done and what we are currently doing.  

The people loved the Lord Jesus when he gave them food to eat. But they crucified him for giving them his Father’s food to eat.  

All focus on the body, isn’t it? Is it really any different today?

They adore a politician if he gives them everything they want. They despise another because he requires them to work.  

“I can’t work”, they say.  

They adore the Lord Jesus because he offers them forgiveness for their sins. They despise him when he says, “Become like me”.

Show me what there is to love about humanity.  

The Compulsion We Call Love

Vanquished are all restraints:

When we see the Living God for who he is.  

When we see ourselves properly for who we really are without him.  

That is to say:

By ourselves we are not love, we are only a compulsion to gather support for one another in our plight. And this compulsion we label love.  

But God has loved us first. This is love:

From his place of never ending peace, he came to walk among the beggars of compulsion. From his place of unity, he came to be torn apart by the fickle mind and hands of man.  

Then, amazing multiplied by amazing, he offers to take us in.  

He is love.  

Zachariah chapter 7

If you ask The Lord a question, regardless how seemingly legitimate, are you able to understand the answer? If you understand the answer are you willing or able to give it room in your heart?

Does our will lean toward the will of the Living God in Jesus, or have we created our own religion full of self-sacrifice?

Are we then dis-heartened by God’s refusal to answer? Are we surprised that our religion of self-sacrifice is not acceptable before the Living God?

Consider the value of the sacrifice of Christ against anything you can do. Bottom line, who’s sacrifice is saving you?   Consider how far you intend to go.  Consider what your eternity looks like.  Consider what your version of paradise must be.  

Here is a more poignant question: “Who then is your God”?