Sometimes when the mind sees the truth, it comes with such blazing clarity that words can’t possibly define it. And the truth comes so quickly, as if In a vision. (A mental snapshot of the unseen).   

I just had one of those encounters with truth. But I don’t know if I can summon the words to portray it correctly. Nevertheless, I’m compelled to try.  

I was thinking of how impossible it is for a man to influence another’s relationship with God. In my own mind I saw a wall between myself and any other man.  

Then the thought expanded, quickly and greatly.  

It’s not a wall between men. It’s a cylinder around every man that reaches to the very throne of God.  

Sometimes it’s darkened to blackness at the top, and no light can come from God. Other times it varies in degrees of brightness, depending on the man’s willingness to love the one who made him.  

We cannot influence another man’s relationship with God. The man must do it himself.  

How useless then, to think that all these writings have any positive affect at all. It is still the will of every man and woman to either believe or not.  

Still, how can I keep such things to myself?


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