Now they are saying we should take hotdogs away from our children.  Evidently someone determined they are not efficiently edible.  Why do they waste so much time on useless trivia?  Why do they spend so much money to gain absolutely nothing?

If the sum of life is the body, then all these radical health doers will live forever. But don’t even the healthy die? Doesn’t even the meticulous mouth fail to feed the stomach? Doesn’t even clean blood cease to flow?

Because their eyes are fixed on mud, they think everyone should only see mud. But by his grace and by the testimony of others in the world, I see a much larger picture than a clean and tidy plate.  

Open your eyes, you Dr Sopk-olites. There is a vast amount more to life than the decaying body you wrestle so diligently to preserve.  

What have you to say about the health of the soul?!


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