Everything in this world gives out sooner or later. Because of that we are born into doubt. It’s called duplicity of mind. Choosing one thing or another may or may not provide what we’re looking for. Chances are, a 50-50 opportunity will almost always be chosen wrong. And even if we are right, nothing in this world is designed to last forever. It’s better to be prepared to lose. At least then you’re not bound to be as dejected.

Christ is not like that. You could choose him as your God and be absolutely sure you have chosen perfectly. When you go to him bring your sack of doubt along with you. He knows you have it, it’s ridiculous to try to pretend you don’t. All you have to do is give him the opportunity to prove that he is the sure thing. Every time you reach in your sack to pull out a doubt so you can compare it to him it will pale in to insignificance in time.

No one has ever believed in him because someone else said he’s trustworthy. Just as with everything else, experience is the best teacher.


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