Make me

No one can make me hate.

No one can fill my mouth with hateful words.

No one can cause me to incite another to violence.

All of that is in my own heart.

Control of that lives in my own heart.

Even if my mind tells me to agree with all those evil things, my mind also reminds me not to do them.

No one can make you mad. it’s a choice you willingly make to vent your own frustrations.

All these things are true. When will we start to do them?


A Master of martial arts has not mastered punching or kicking. It is not that he has mastered self control. What he has mastered is the art of practice.

He has set his mind to pay attention to everything he thinks and does. In this mastery of awareness, the master practices immediate restraint. If there is any lapse in judgment or action, the master quickly brings it back under control.

Mastery of martial arts does not apply only to battle. It applies to absolutely everything under his control. He takes great care of his “world“.

We speak of doctors as practicing medicine. They are thoroughly embroiled in their work, whether they are on duty or off. We speak of jobs as professions. Consider that if we profess something is true, it would be best if such things are true. The master of any profession then has mastered the art of restraint for the sake of what he says He does for a living.

A professional driver, a professional lawyer, a professional labor, a professional teacher, a professional politician, a professional human being, a professional Christian.

The Danger of Hatred

The danger of hatred:

What have we become? On one hand we do what we say are good deeds. On the other hand we let hatred control us.

Think about it. We give $10 to help someone else. The deed takes less than 30 seconds. We spend hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades letting ourselves feed on hatred. How can the good deeds outweigh what we really are?

The day will come when we will stand shoulder to shoulder with every man, woman and child ever to have lived. What will be standing next to them is the very creature we have allowed ourselves to become. Naked, in raging purity, of every vulgar thing we have become.

Words mean things folks. They unveil our wicked hearts. For out of the heart the mouth speaks.

People easily forget the grotesque display of our mouths not remembering that everyone’s cesspool stands wide open. Shiny little jewels of tiny good works adorn the upper edge. But the stench lay frothing in the heart.

Do you want to judge with your eyes? You want to make summations of lives whose background you know nothing about? You want to pigeonhole people without the wisdom of God? You want to be the judge when the judge will oversee the great gathering?

Every one can do anything they please while they are here under the sun. But you will take the sum of who you are when you are taken from this place.