Warriors with No Kingdom

Spineless horde!

So terrified of loss.

Vainly, they stand

For the opinions of another man’s religion.

Religion, a man’s way of pleasing his version of God.

In that respect

There are as many religions as people who have lived.

The spineless want peace.

Quite willingly,

They toss away the peace of God in Christ,

That they may be left alone

To pursue their religion of Man.


See how their religion

Requires hatred through defining:

“You spoke a bad word.”

“You thought a bad thought“.

“You did something vile”.

“You have transgressed our pact with one another“.

“For this, and many more, we condemn you”.

So says they who love their worthless peace.

Those who despise their brother; reveling in the demise of their neighbor.

So bright they think themselves to be.

Performing mental gymnastics;

Wielding the piercing sharpness of their wicked forked tongue.

All the while glowing with darkness in a land filled with nothing.

Indeed, go then!

Be righteous among your righteousness.

Disavow the glory of God in Christ;

You spineless worthless horde!

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