The Truth

Christ is God. There is no other optional religion. There is one way to eternity. There are not multiple paths to eternal life.

Billions will take offense with that. Well isn’t that why Christ was crucified? There is one God. And by the sovereign God‘s command he has placed himself utterly in Christ Jesus. He will never change his mind, for Christ is unalterably worthy.

Atheist, agnostic, those who adhere to some other form of religion, those who adhere to no religion at all, fence riding Christian, humble yourself and ask. Do not ask once and then walk away dejected. Ask continually.

“I have heard I am nothing without you. I have come to see that what they say is true. If I have one unrighteous act or thought then I am an unrighteous person. But I hear you are righteous. I hear you are compassionate. I hear you can make me whole. Please forgive my sins, giving me a life that is worth living. And teach me to trust that you will never for sake me.”

Become a seeker of God’s Holy Son. You have one life to live. Shouldn’t it be spent searching for what is unalterably true?

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