Jesus is my Lord.   I have no need of any other source of strength.  It is Jesus who will lead me into all things right and good.  And in the end, He will shield me from the Judgment to come (the second death). 

This blog contains my words of testimony as to His Glory in His people.  Jesus was before creation.  Jesus created all things.   Jesus submitted to His creation that He might become a sacrifice for all who desire life.  And Jesus will be glorified by everyone and everything under God the Father.  He is the Life of Lives.  And only in Him will you find hope, help, and comfort.  Not only in this day, but in every day through out eternity is this so.

I have come to understand that the entire reason for life here is to have our hearts tested. The question we are answering is this, “Do we love God and His ways more than the things of this world”?

God the Father has created this place as a place of testing for Jesus. And it is also a place of testing for every man, woman and child.

What we will be and what the Lord has in-store for those who trust Him has yet to be revealed. This too is part of the testing.

By His Grace

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