The Violence of Want

The door to peace locked.  

For sure.  

And no Man holds the key.  

The door to loss is open wide

By the lack in you and me.  

For hopes are like a falling leaf

From a winter ravaged tree.  

A man rises now to promise peace,

Only fading from view.  

You’ll see.  

Such leaves will fall,

And grow again. 

A trillion hopes will die.  

Why give your dreams 

To someone who

Can’t satisfy you and I?

Wait for God in Christ.  

Be satisfied with “least”.  

Stop pining over what you can’t.  

Call out to He who’s Peace.  


The Reality of Freedom

People like to say they are free.  They love to dream about being free.  Free to do as they please.  Free to fly.  Free to imagine all kinds of surreal joys.  But frankly, we don’t know what freedom is.

How about these:

Free to live forever.
Free to love without  reservation or suspicion.
Free to move without any physical restraint.
Forever free from Pain, anxiety, fear, doubt, and any other negative experience.
Free from lies, temptation, forgetfulness, mistakes, harassment, anger, and so on.

And all this freedom forever!

What people want, what they dream about all day and all night, is in the hands of Jesus to give.  What does he ask in return?  “Love me more than these.”

Stability, the Fragrance of Love

Night or day, rain or shine, storm or tranquil afternoon; I carry within me a Spring time born of eternity.  The Love of God in Christ Jesus plays out in my heart and mind without ceasing. 

This love is like a musical waterfall of exquisite emotions, thoughts, doings and experiences.  It’s no more a religion then the beautiful explosion of love between the young man and a woman, his new found lifelong best friend.

God’s love causes me to smell the colors of the world around me.  He shows me the dance of sound in the fabric of air.  Words, all words, become living creatures as the Word of Life comes near to caress with truth.

I am useless to man.   The Living promise has finally caught me in an eternal embrace.  I tried to pay attention to the things that matter most to men, but fail miserably and often .The beautiful patience of God stoked a fire in me to make him blessed with his desire.

All of this, and vastly more, gives me reason to ponder the definition of love among men.  So very much is made of the love between a man and a woman.  Books, songs, poetry, movies, and all the trinkets produced as a celebration of joy and longevity.  All this commotion for something that cannot possibly last.  The hurricane of reality sweeps down from the mountains to devastate the joy of first love between man and wife.  Most marriages disintegrate to a bond of friendship at best.  At worst, they disintegrate to nothing.

The captivating emotions of human love produce something similar to the love of God within his beloved ones.  But people are people.  They are everything but stable.  Greed, impatience, expectations, and everything associated with self begins to ruin first love’s beauty.  Eventually death takes it all away.

But how is it that so much is made of the love of man, which is so transitory, while virtually nothing is celebrated toward the love of God?  The love of God simply becomes a place to cry out for help when everything we wanted falls apart.


I present a challenge to all.  It doesn’t matter how you perceive Christ.  Come and convince me that anything other then the full acceptance of His Gospel is truth.

Invited is the scholar.  Welcome is the agnostic.  The atheists already know they have been invited openly.  Invitation is extended to the religious.   Let the drunkard try to compel me this way is better.  Come and speak to me about finance, and how money is the end of all good things.  Let the violent receive the best of House seats.  Let the timid display the grandiose crown of their fear. 

Regardless who you are, come and convince me. 

Christ Jesus is king of heaven and earth.  By His merciful grace I am his servant.  It will not be me you challenge.  It will be the living God in me.

Let us all either “Put up or shut up”.

Why am I making this challenge, and doesn’t it seem rather absurdly stupid?  Yeah, it does.

I’m making this challenge because I am sick of watching the world decay all about me.  I am sick of watching Christian cower,  all the while the Living God promises strength.

By the looks of things around me, I surmise one of us is a liar.  Either it is Man or it is God in Christ.  You know the summation of that.

At the outset, I will admit that I know nothing about Islam, Buddhism, and whatever other religion you want to throw on the table.  All I know about them is that they are false.  I will speak of the gospel in Christ. 

Required materials: Pack a lunch.

The Hungry Sea Creature

2061212_370I woke from sleep this morning, from a dream that most would call a nightmare.  A sea creature had taken to land.  It was a creature who had a taste for man.

I was perched on a narrow outcropping of rocks above the surf.  He was perched along a slightly lower place. With confidence, I challenged his right to hunger for the likes of me.

But, to my horrible surprise, he was able to reach toward where my feet stood.  I was in no fear of being caught.  But as he reached, the rocks beneath me began to loosen and fall into the sea, one by one.

“No need to remain in bed”, I thought.  So I got up to start the day.  It has taken two hours for this dream to find meaning.  But the meaning is more threatening than the dream.

The world moves from one moment to another.  What is past is like those rocks which were falling into the sea.  The foundation that saved me from becoming food, was a place I should not have been. Was I where I should be?  Hadn’t I remained too long in a place that was no longer useful?  If I had moved on from there, I would never had seen that creature.  I would not have been vulnerable.  I would never had known what follows.

God leads His people from place to place.  He is always drawing us nearer to His intended goal.  What we can be, in His Holy Power, lay before us.  What we were standing on, becomes a crumbling foundation.  The past is not a firm place to live. Security belongs to today.

The Living God’s protection applies to the moment.  It does not rest in the future, as some believe in the Gospel.  It does not reside in the past, as many waste away their lives in regret or accolade.  He is the NOW.  Remember, His Holy Name is “I AM”.

The Lion

I dreamed a dream fit for no weak heart.  Yet I woke with no fear or trembling.  Sobriety was in my cup as one may sip his coffee in the morning.  I drank the wisdom of God to understand.

This is the dream:

A lion was loose among men.  In his devouring of men he was noticed.  The marks of his attack were properly identified. 

All men were called up to be on the watch and report.  As if by some means the lion could be captured and killed.

In the dream I had no fear.  I decided to hunt him down myself to see what all the ruckus was about.  Men die everyday, why such an uproar now?

I spied him running from room to room down a long and extensive hallway.  And so I followed as fast as I could.

Finally, in the open space, I found him resting.  With greeting from my mouth, I went over to speak to him.

I asked him why men despised him so, for he seemed such an amiable creature.  He willingly befriended me and took me to his lair.

There we sat, and talked of things.  He even offered me a cup of delightful drink, as we sat and mused together. 
I may have heard what he was saying, but I can’t recall one word.  The actions of another lion caught my attention.  It was then I noticed the bed.

A woman lay on the bed roasted, so that the meat of her body was tender for consuming. 

His companion, another lion, gingerly split the skin and ate.  Noticing the revulsion in my eyes, the lion explained to me that it is a delicacy and very delicious.

But I heard moaning, as if from a deliriously insane person.  I looked and saw that the woman was still alive.  Even though only her eyes could be seen moving.  They were wide open and quickly glancing about, as if one may be afraid for lack of knowledge.

After a while the Lions left, having satiated their hunger.  It was then that I awoke.

No fear attended me, and I did not consider it a nightmare.  Instead I have sought the Lord to understand.  It seemed to me that such a dream cannot have its source in the imagination of man.

In the process striving to understand, certain items of Holy Word have come to mind: define the lion, define devouring, define the amiable one who destroys men. 

Yet I am perplexed by the uproar among men.  Devouring has been a part of man’s experience from the beginning.  Why should they notice now?

The following scripture has fallen into my hand.  Let those who are wise in the Living God’s Christ understand.

Isaiah 59:
11 “We all growl like bears;
we moan mournfully like doves.
We look for justice, but find none;
for deliverance, but it is far away.
12 For our offenses are many in your sight,
and our sins testify against us.
Our offenses are ever with us,
and we acknowledge our iniquities:
13 rebellion and treachery against the Lord,
turning our backs on our God,
inciting revolt and oppression,
uttering lies our hearts have conceived.
14 So justice is driven back,
and righteousness stands at a distance;
truth has stumbled in the streets,
honesty cannot enter.
15 Truth is nowhere to be found,
and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey.”

I will relate no more understanding than this.  For what I have perceived may not be the full.  Yet what I have perceived is too the voluminous to write.

May God show his people what is true and faultless.  May he wake the sleeping.  May He protect and receive the righteous.

Beyond all things of man, may the will of the Living God be done forever.  In Christ Jesus he has secured his salvation.  Though the body is devoured, hope remains.

Yet, let all men worship Him, especially those of The Faith.  Let my brothers and sisters renew the urgent calling within them.  Christianity is not just religious habit.  It is a vicious and vibrant struggle between life and death. 

Let sobriety speak!  Those who count the things of Christ as if they are of this world, will not stand well on the coming day. 

But God is first.  As is the Father, so is the Son.  For the sake of His Holy name, may His will forever be done.

Even so, Lord Jesus come!

By His Grace