Be Patient 

The war. The battle. The temptation. The weakness.  

The repair. The change of mind. Determination:

It takes a while. Reside in prayerful attitude.  

It takes a while to journey,

For we reside so far from 


The Undeniable Cruise

The waves beat against the hull of the ship.  With a silent and determined anger;

With gluttony for autonomy,

They desire “unimpeded”.  

See how the steel says, “No”.  

See how they are forced to go,


How the strength of their ruin is utterly devastated.  

How, with present Will

pressed against them, 

they turn to white frothing.

At the majesty they encounter;  

They turn to –

Mere nothing.  

Like they do as the wind whips them up, 

in small measure 

The sea is dotted with purity.  


With impassable Will

All is turned back.  

“You will not pass.  

I cannot relent.  

I move through your midst,

My strength never spent.”

Be still!

Cease your work!

Bow to Me!

My people will pass

Speaks The Maker He.  

Move Holy Spirit.  

Move through my soul.  

Be the ship that carries 

The desire of Your own will. 

As it has been from old.  

Be in me the strength of your love.  

Keep me on the

“Inward side.”


Mud cakes I make.  Diamonds are His.  

His voice like many rivers.  

Mine is more a hiss.  

I speak like shadows 

From behind the flesh.  

He speaks of Light.  

From Eternity’s chest.  

By nature I am contrast. 

By Glory He is Life.  

By Righteousness He’s free.  

From hiding I am strife.  

So much revealed.  

Vast sums are hidden.  

Yet it’s enough,

To speak as bidden.  

He’s so much life

That even so,

Our tiny words

Produce His will.  

To bring His Glory

Down to us;

To shape His message

From the dust.  

Do you hear what I hear?

“When anyone hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart.”

Do you hear what I hear?

“A child, a child, 

shivers in the cold 

let us bring him 

Silver and gold.”

What good is our profit 

When the cross is in sight;

When he strained so hard 

That glorious night?

Let his body be covered 

With bleeding sweat.  

Father’s will to be done!

And yet.

The pageantry of Christmas.  

Some shiny toy, a new dress.  

Does this keep warm 

The Word of God?

Does this help the message

Be cast abroad?

Or is it something deep within;

Someplace that’s hidden

From our sin.  


Do you hear what I hear,

Whispered in the streets?

The silver and gold 

He desires so

Cannot be carried 

By feet.  


Believe! Believe!

Deep down in your soul.  

Let the seed of Word

Have a place.  

“Come in, come in.  

Come out of the cold.  

Let me taste 

The meaning of gold.”

Our Haunting Past

My hands stay firm upon the wheel.  For I must go where I am sent. 

Yet, memories catch up with me.  

Ah, the piercing pain of stupidity!

The “hands” of my soul stretch far behind, to undo the past that tortures my mind.  

There! In the mist, I see it now. I foolishly think, “I can reach it somehow”.

Then shadows do measure the distance between. That dark and gray mist is as light-years from me.  

I haul my hands back, and give this some thought. “Remember from what your soul has been bought”.  

The past is removed! Far more than my reach. “Lest, by misguided love, My promise you breach”.

Remember this, friends, when history assails. Whether seconds or centuries, as fear makes you pale.  

You cannot go back. And no blame’s to be had, regardless your deeds (if they’re good or they’re bad).  

As long as your trust is in Jesus, you see. Your sins are forgiven by Righteous Great Glory.  

The Difference

The one who loves 
God’s Holy Son, 


The glaring 


Accused without,

Accused within,

Accused by doubt,

His strength is in

A Heaven borne  Surety:

The Hope from Him.  


No longer is he dressed 

As those 

From whom he came, 

As is supposed.  

But now his heart sees better things;

A Raging land where Truth is King.  

A land where lies are not allowed.  

Where all old ways are disavowed.  

A Jealous hand has dressed him so. 

Sealed strong with promise, 

“I’ll not let you go”.

And so,

The echo sounds within his soul.  

As better things he’s seen.  

Yet through his loving urging,

He’s only seen as mean.  

As one step leads 

To the next one planted,

From love to love 

His heart is challenged.  

To speak?  

He must. 

To do?

He’s thrust.  

By virtue of 

Grand Love Within.  

No opposition’s 

Strong enough,

To lightly challenge Him!  

“Forgive them,

For they do not know

The damage that they do.  

Though all day long

We sing Your song.  

It’s not us they hate. 

It’s You.”