Frustrating Epitome 

The words of Christ are so beautiful, perfect and pristine, they rise immeasurably above the things of Man.  

How frustrating to see the beauty and not be able to paint the picture with my life.  

Add to that frustration the compelling urge to share His words in the world that talks about everything but what belongs to God.  

Encourage one another to Leap, while no one can do much more than crawl. Encourage one another to fly, while no one can do much more than look up.  

It takes the Spirit of God to do the things of Christ. It takes the Spirit of God to speak of the things of God. As often as we look at his beautiful face, our lips will betray the frightful (yet willful) silence of Man.  

Frustration will abound, that’s inevitable. Which gives me reason to remember and be in awe at the patience of the Living God.  

Beggars, We Are All

“Can you spare a dime.”

Why the man stopped to reply, only God knows.  

“I’ve worked hard for what I have.”

The reply was filled with wisdom.

“So you think begging is easy. The only time you deal with shame is when you leave $500 on the table after the deal. Everybody works hard for what they have.”

The man didn’t reach into his pocket. He made no reply to the bum. He turned and walked away. But the words haunt him to this day.  

Born into life.  

Born into strife.  

The blessing of riches,

Or none at all.  

Do we really have a choice?

John Lewis, Civil Rights

Is having civil rights equal to having godly honor?
Donald Trump says that John Lewis is nothing but talk. If success in delivering civil rights produced a godly people, we would see in entirely different nation today.  
So then tell me why someone who fights for civil rights is so highly honored while the nation continues to spiral into chaos.  
Could it be that Mr. Trump is simply pointing out a faulty system of honoring men? By the burden of proof, I believe that Mr. Trump’s perspective is correct. The system that honors Man, honors words alone.

Anonymity, the Silent Killer

I see a silent injustice, Anonymity by name. 

What injuries delivered.  

All losses, just the same.  

One sits in silent sorrow. 

Another one cast out.  

Accountability, the family. 

I know without a doubt.  

The cause is lack of love,

From within and from without.  

A love to render service,

A proclivity to pout.  

They sit there and embrace

Their rejection from the race.  

All the while God’s “Life” insists:

“Cast off your selfish sorrow.  

My name, you’re bound to borrow.  

Get up and claim your fame;

Proclaim my Holy name.”

Differences All the Same

I thought provoking question of the day.  

Are you able to explain the gospel. I mean, if someone was to ask you could you tell them what the gospel is?

This seems like a straightforward question. But add the following to it.  

A musician writes a song about the blue sky. The color and texture of his music is related to blue skies. He writes another song about mud. Agreeably the color and texture of that music will be different. He writes other songs. He writes about marriage, divorce, death, birth, roles in life, troubles galore, Freedom and joy. And every song is slightly different because of the material he deals with. If he only use the notes to “Mary had a little lamb”, the impact just wouldn’t be the same.  

So when I ask can you share the nature of the gospel of Christ, I’m talking about delivering it in a variety of ways depending on the person you’re sharing it with. Now that gets thought-provoking.  


OK, it caught my interest. I went looking at the news this morning. I looked at world news. I looked at national news. I looked at local news in various places. I looked at politics. I looked at storms. Yeah I know, I was pretty bored.  

But I come away with something very interesting. I found out how to be incredibly offensive. I’ll try to describe it in very few words.  

The petty nature of human interest is astounding. And it seems to be a year long tragedy. I always expect, stupidly I will admit, that the Christmas season will heighten the people’s regard for the living God and his holy son. But it really doesn’t. Instead of pondering the beautiful things of heaven and eternity, the people focus on Christmas lights, presents, good works, good stories, and so on. Their interest is solely human.  

I’m interested in this because I realize that pointing this out is offensive to almost everybody. Really? How offended would you be if you intended to give good things to someone in need and they just turned away from you as if you didn’t exist? That’s what humanity does to God. And I see them do it all year long. Worse than that, they ignore the giver and praise their personal holiday about him!!!!!!!!!!

End of post.  

A billion thoughts about this are swarming around my head. But apparently the majority of people don’t have to worry about being swarmed by thoughts of holiness. If they did, surely the news media would pick it up.