Being a Christian

This morning I see this:Darkness on the earth is witness to a hushed murmur of violence. The night is a cloak for the thieves.  

They steal what they will; property, life and peace.  

But this I perceived:

The world spins around causing the Sun to rise. And the noise of wickedness is no longer a murmur.  

Now it is a deafening roar of greedy desire and wicked intent.  

Their eyes open shooting fiery knives of blame. Dreams and nightmares give way to the reality of judgmental hearts.  

The peace of the wee hours of the morning.  

The time of prayer, time of reflection. The time to receive life from He who is Life. Clarity comes from Him. And in the clarity I can perceive as if indeed from some vast distance. The place where the splatter of blood cannot reach.  

The night will come again. The thieves will sleep, the thieves will tiptoe about. But He who lives forever is Peace.  

By the command of the Living God, His name is Jesus! Quiet your soul and trust Him. Listen intently for what cannot be heard. Search for what IS. His desire is for you. Doesn’t the blood beneath the cross prove His intent?

He is not a thief, unlike we who pray. He comes to grant life, wisdom, forgiveness, peace, joy, faithfulness, and doesn’t the list become endless? Those who learn to receive become like He. The spinning of the earth becomes far less fearsome.  

This, is to be a Christian.  

Utter Folly

There is no such thing as an atheist. There are only people who are too terrified of truth to open their eyes in the daylight.  

Throw such folks into the deepest darkest night and they claim to see perfectly fine.  But they gave their blindness a title.   As if by a simple word they are something.  

All their claims of arrogance against God are made with the miracle of life that God himself created.  Still they choose to say we are no more than rocks.  They do not live a life of royalty, no matter what they say.  They live a life of cowardice.  

Frustrating Epitome 

The words of Christ are so beautiful, perfect and pristine, they rise immeasurably above the things of Man.  

How frustrating to see the beauty and not be able to paint the picture with my life.  

Add to that frustration the compelling urge to share His words in the world that talks about everything but what belongs to God.  

Encourage one another to Leap, while no one can do much more than crawl. Encourage one another to fly, while no one can do much more than look up.  

It takes the Spirit of God to do the things of Christ. It takes the Spirit of God to speak of the things of God. As often as we look at his beautiful face, our lips will betray the frightful (yet willful) silence of Man.  

Frustration will abound, that’s inevitable. Which gives me reason to remember and be in awe at the patience of the Living God.  

Beggars, We Are All

“Can you spare a dime.”

Why the man stopped to reply, only God knows.  

“I’ve worked hard for what I have.”

The reply was filled with wisdom.

“So you think begging is easy. The only time you deal with shame is when you leave $500 on the table after the deal. Everybody works hard for what they have.”

The man didn’t reach into his pocket. He made no reply to the bum. He turned and walked away. But the words haunt him to this day.  

Born into life.  

Born into strife.  

The blessing of riches,

Or none at all.  

Do we really have a choice?