His charge to me

“Write what is true.  Make your mark in this place of testing.  You have spent decades taking.  Give now from what you are given.  Do not fear, and do not shrink back.  Do not lose heart.  And do not allow yourself to care who reads your words.  Write, instead, to solidify God’s ways within your soul.”

2 thoughts on “His charge to me

  1. And, then, what I have learned, through His careful, tender, insistent teaching, is that when I need affirmation “with skin on”, He gives it, in the most delightful, awesome ways! : )

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    • I’m sorry for the negative rating. I was working from a mobile device. I didn’t understand what the little icon meant. I intended to say “thank you”. You’re right on the money with your comment.
      There are many who serve, isolated from their brothers. I’ve learned to endure with strength in such a place. And I’ve learned that such people who serve in isolation, do so at the command of the same Lord who provides others the embrace of brotherhood.
      Today is what it is. Let each endure as God commands. Yet your short word soothes aching bones. May God bless you for the cool glass of water.

      By His Grace.


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