Expected Usefulness

My left foot works just fine.   When I want to open the door, mindlessly, I command my hand to turn the knob and the door opens. If I want to see where I’m going, all I have to do is raise my eyelids.   Like almost everyone else, I don’t see the miracle of … Continue reading

What Do You Rxpect?

The religion of the world worships in a temple.  It lay on the sand of ignorance, but temple was built with two materials. One material is expectations. The other material is assuming.   Here’s the question. Is the temple made of expectations or is it the foundation? Or is the temple made of assuming and … Continue reading

What is the Measure?

He moved into his new apartment. Of all the things he enjoyed, there was one new thing that intrigued him the most.  The kitchen faucet was different. The first time he went for a glass of water, the faucet dispensed but a few drops.  Pulling his glass away, he turned it off then on again. … Continue reading

Change the World?

I don’t want to change the world. I want to bring heaven here. ———- What will that do? It will utterly dispose of trivial conversation.   It will rid the world of every evil thing.   It will glorify the name of Jesus for the glory of God the Father.   It will take away … Continue reading