For now we live under the specter of death. Fear controls our every thought and action. But that will not always be so. To be clear, God did not create death. Logically speaking, it is an oxymoron to create death. Death is nonexistent. It is impossible to create nothing. Rather, it was one of God’s … Continue reading


Zeal… From it comes willingness to learn. Complacent curiosity cannot produce one spark such as that raging fire of zeal. Zeal sets the brand. It causes an indelible mark on the soul. A wisp of smoke rises up, and the man will never be the same. Complacency can cause religion; the result of a casual … Continue reading

God Created Light

This is a good word. It is a strong word. It is a necessary word. It is a word that will endure regardless how we receive it. “No sooner is there a good thing in the world, than a division is necessary. Light and darkness have no communion; God has divided them, let us not … Continue reading


Value. Such an underestimated foe. Such an underestimated friend. Value is perceived from where we are. But memory and hope are unique perspectives of their own. They are shadows and sunshine to an otherwise grey and obscure life. If we are only people of the present then we are pitiful indeed. And if as a … Continue reading

Tools of the Trade

A curious observation: The Romans were fixated on death. It was their form of authority, entertainment, and motivation to do what is right. Prosperity meant mingling of blood and money. For the most part, today’s society is fixated on peace and longevity. It has to be said that they worship these. The majority of people … Continue reading


Everything in this world gives out sooner or later. Because of that we are born into doubt. It’s called duplicity of mind. Choosing one thing or another may or may not provide what we’re looking for. Chances are, a 50-50 opportunity will almost always be chosen wrong. And even if we are right, nothing in … Continue reading