Broken, Not Destroyed

I don’t know what value this is. Maybe it’s only valuable to me; to let my heart speak the words.   What is Christ to me? He is a painful love. Yet, it’s not that he is painful but that I am from destruction.   I see his love. I feel his love. I strive, … Continue reading

Proper Respect 

“Respect your elders.”So we are told.   “But they’re not right; Wisdom comes not from ‘old’.” “Well, didn’t God make them Fore He made you, And isn’t His Wisdom  Greater than ‘new’?”

Worms Made Human!

David, the king of Israel, the benchmark for the people to show them a relationship with the Living God.   He saw another man’s wife bathing on a rooftop. He commanded that she should be brought to him. He did what is unspeakable before God. Then to add to his sin, he commanded that her … Continue reading

Hope and Help

As a child it is not difficult to find someone who believes in you.  The only difficulty is proximity.  Are those who can believe in you close enough for you to touch and receive.   But let childhood pass.  Let the people begin to notice your faults, and those who believe in you will quickly … Continue reading

Don’t versus Belief

Measure how great and sure is the promise of God to save those who trust in His salvation. It is delivered to us in the body of an individual called The Word of God.   No promise on earth has ever been kept in fullness until it’s completion. Understandably then, doubt continues to plague believers. … Continue reading