The process of becoming the Christian you want to be is to stop being the Christian you presently are. Think and choose. Remember and apply. Stop simply reacting to emotion. Stop staring at circumstances. The Spirit of Christ does not live in the flesh. He is in heaven and from heaven. Think Eternity. Look at … Continue reading


If we were nothing we would deserve it. If we suffered hideous disease for 80 years what claim do we have to anything else? But we are something, undeniably. By breathing we disrupt the air. By seeing, speaking, hearing, and the like, we aid in righteous judgment. It is impossible for someone to be nothing. … Continue reading

Super People

Without a vision the people perish. That is to say: unless someone shows the way, the opinions of man will crush us. Mankind is miserably vulnerable. Still, the imagination of Man writes stories of super people; people who overcome terror and destruction, rising to hero status. We desperately need someone to succeed where others have … Continue reading

Limp Noodle

Are you facing a fearful task? Try to remember how many you faced. Take notice that you’re still here. The only way to face something fearful is to move into it one step at a time. You won’t know how it turns out until you go through it. Face life with a joyful valor. What … Continue reading