The Currency of Man’s Traditions

Will you enter into heaven by virtue of your own religion?  Will you set your own standard of righteousness and accomplish it, saying to the Holy guard of heaven, “I am a righteous man let me enter”?

Have you been to heaven?  Have you seen the surpassing glory of the creatures there?   Have you understood the nature of their holiness?  Have you understood the Holy commands they have received?

Will you now, you who are so feeble of mind, hold to the traditions of your own?  Or will you seek the unmovable, Holy and pure traditions of eternity?

You cannot spend the currency of Man’s traditions in the store house of God.  In that place, by your own strength, you can be no more than a beggar.  


The Dispassionate Objective of Death

I watch men live.  What am I seeing as I watch us?  I see men prosper in the way of man.

They work to gather food, shelter, prosperity of social standing, and some semblance of “worth”.  They create some form of religion for themselves, individually and corporate.  But do I see them prosper against death?  No.  I see death approach them regardless their toil.

Death has no regard for the diligent work they have done.  Death, not only has no respect for the things of man’s toil, it has no ability to recognize anything but demise.

Rust does not make any apology to metal as it reduces it back to the place from which it was taken.  And the flakes of dust rust causes, fall back to the earth without the slightest acknowledgment of metal’s history or accomplishment.  As it is with rust, so it is with death.  As it is with wickedness, so it is with the best “righteousness” of man’s intent.

Do you think you have become something because you have learned to prosper in the ways of man?  Frankly, you have no more right to consider your prosperity as “something”, any more than death recognizes any righteousness within you.

If you want to be something, appeal to the Holy One, Jesus The Christ of the Living God.  Only in Him will you find any lasting profit.  For He alone has hold of the two keys; the key of Life, and the key of Death.  Only in Jesus will you find direction to do and desire eternally good things.  Without Him, you can’t even read the Bible with any effective impact toward righteousness.

He has spoken a singular truth among us: “Without me you can do nothing”.  The longer I live, and the longer I witness the “doings” of man, the more vibrant the truth of that saying becomes.

Seek Him and learn what fullness of that saying you can.  Only then will you begin to do more than simply provide sustenance until death comes to claim what is rightfully his.  The fullness of what I am saying cannot be understood without His presence.

The Storehouse of Determination

The house of light.

The storehouses of hail and snow.

The place where lightning and wind are cast abroad.

The father of rain and dew.

The womb of winter, with its ice and heavenly born frost.  (Reference job 38 for more.)

Only God knows these places and ways.  They are marvelous concepts to ponder.  Beautiful words that beckon understanding.  Yet who among us can hope to grasp their full meaning.  The fullness of them belongs to God alone.

As marvelous as they are, there is one more mystery I went to present before the Living God and His Holy Christ.  And in my presentation, I found a similarly mysterious quality.  So I write it here.  Let my fellow man ponder it while I wait for an answer. 

(Shall the answer come from the Holy Spirit of God, directly to my soul?  Or shall he send the testimony of a man, to humble my soul?  I will know I have received, when I see it appear in my will to obey.  Regardless its source of arrival, there will be joy and praise to God.)

“Where is the storehouse of determination?”

With righteous expectation, the Holy Lord commands all men to become holy before his sight.  And he does not ask too much!  For he willingly gives the strength to overcome the wickedness of this place of testing.  Let us be willing to confess, that it is we who do not provide his rightful expectation.

He has promised that a man may go to him for wisdom, with full expectation of receiving.  By this he provides the tools to accomplish His Holy will among men. 

But I find a mystery at work in this.  Why do so few accomplish his rightful expectation?  And what strength do those who overcome employ?  The answer has come to me in the form of a question.  “Where is the storehouse of determination?”

The Holy Son of God knew where it was.  And from it he drew consistently.  For he was found fully pleasing before his Father, the Living God.

It is as if each man lives in a spacious place.  It is as if his own land.  God Himself commands us to farm this place and to keep it in good order.  It is His righteous and Holy expectation that we obey.

But what should a man say if he finds a task he cannot accomplish?  Perhaps a rebellious tongue abides on his own land.  Perhaps his besetting sin grows weeds faster and taller than the righteous crop expected. 

Frustration attends the man’s land as if a rebellious servant.  What hope does such a man have to accomplish the righteous holy will of his God?  Such a man needs another tool.  Such a man needs determination!

He has seen that others have it.  He has also perceived his own lack.  Yet he knows that God is faithful to provide.  So he has searched among his things to find determination.  Still his farm proves his lack.

With the little time God gives us in our life, do we have time to search the vastness of our own land?  And what should we say, if in our search, we have not found the means to obey?  Time grows short and we are bound to appear before him.  “Do I dare appear with a lack?”

God has required it of him.  God is just in all his expectations.  But where is the storehouse of determination?  And it must be a storehouse for it is not a singular tool!  It is a constant, overflowing, and endless resource.  Therefore there must be a storehouse of vast potential.  But where is it?

Who has found this place on his own land?  It is he who has succeeded to give the Living God his rightful expectation.  It is he who can be relied upon with excellent faithfulness.  It is the kind of man who receives all the excellent titles, both from God and man.  It is he, of whom it can be said, “This one has accomplished”, or “Well done thou good and faithful servant”.

So I ask again, with a hope of mist around me, that some man may answer me.  Or that God himself will lead me to it.  “Where is the storehouse of determination?”

By His Grace

Willing Refinement

The fire is brought to the field to cleanse it of stubble and blight.  The winds of a hurricane are a pleasure to the man who knows he has built his house well.

For everything a man may make, receives a testing.  To the craftsmen who knows he has done his work well, there is no fear.  For even if his work may suffer loss, he is anxious to apply his learning.  Such a man’s hands quiver with delight at the approach of destruction.

As the racehorse strains against the bit, ready and willing to run, so the man of God looks forward to the testings.  Always looking for refinement, he does not despise destruction of weakness.

It is of man to desire rest in peace from the labor of his hands.  He seeks respite for the weakness of his body and the sparseness of resource.

But the Spirit of of the Holy Lord God Almighty urges toward completion.  Let every one of God’s people be joyful to submit themselves to the fire of God’s Holy expectations.

His love is destruction for all that is unholy.  But this destruction is sent in eternally lovely intent.  The rewards will always outweigh the tears.  Yet is it righteous for us to have tears at all?

Allowing ourselves to be driven, accomplishment draws nearer.  But rest, as the flesh desires, and you will suffer loss.

Every man will appear before the Holy Lord to give account of himself.  The day of judgement will come as the final restraint.  But now is the day of testing.  Now is the day for becoming.

It is the forceful soul who presents himself to the day of judgement now.  “The Faith” in Christ Jesus is the beauty of holy strength.

May God receive the bounty that belongs rightfully to him; the refinement, the willing refinement of his holy people.  His reward is in his hand as he stands to judge all men. 

Let us therefore not despise the destruction of those things the flesh desires.  Rather let us side with God in His Holy judgment against sin.

The servant who whimpers at the commands of his master, is no joy at the dinner table.  Such a one is deservedly given a lower place.

By His Grace