Final 24

The world is a darkened place filled with darkened souls. The sounds of their movement are only a rustling of desire. Only by the manifestation of their desires are they perceived by one another. (The world sincerely hates sneaky people. They demand accountability by virtue of noise.)

I see the people of Christ as if they are glowing among the darkness. What they do in this blackened place is evident to anyone who is close enough to perceive them. At best, the desires of Christ are manifest by them. At worst they clothe themselves with a darkened garb. “If I fit in no one will pester me.”

Let the lighted ones watch what they do, mind their tongue with a jealous guard, beware of the things they let in through their eyes and ears, and deliver the Holy charge to be witnesses of God’s desire.

If God spoke to you in your prayer tonight saying, “At 8 o’clock in the morning, I will grant you 24 hours more. At that time I will require your soul to appear before me.”

What would you do with your last 24 hours here? Why not live every day you have as if that were the case? We would not deny him then, (even a tiny bit) why should we deny him any other time?

“Let your light so shine that men will see your good works and glorify your father who is in heaven.“

Cut to the Chase

When you go to church on Sunday morning, will you be prepared?  Or will you go with only a partial clue as to why you’re there?

Wishing is useless.  But I wish that in my forties I had known what I know now.  I had all the right knowledge.  I said all the right things.  And everybody thought I really understood.

So no one took me aside, that they might mentor me.  No one challenged my life.  No one asked me to prove the things I was saying.  So I fell flat on my face and squandered a beautiful gift from God.

I will not blame anyone.  They couldn’t possibly have known how shallow my faith really was.  And frankly, out of the hundreds of people I knew, only two had the things I have now.

When you go to church on Sunday, will you be prepared?  Will you go there to worship the Most High God with everything you have?  Or will you worship him with everything he is willing to give?

There is a statement I wish someone had said to me.  “When you worship the Lord, try to percieve the first worship session in heaven.  Then worship the Lord as if you were not here.”

We are so caught up in the things of this world.  We are so caught up in the things called “Church”.  Mistakenly, we think that if we have banded together with men in the name of Jesus, we have fulfilled a proper worship of the Most High God.

There is so much more I could say about this.  But I’ll bet you have many things to say in regard to this also.  And I have learned that it is so much better when we understand these things personally. 

But I will give this a shove in the proper direction.  What we are looking for is the full power of God in a Christian.  Not just the proper words, knowledge, or timely arrival in the proper place

It might be good to ask someone you can trust, to sit you down and grill you about Christianity.  Submit to all their questioning.  Let them either prove what you really have, or show you plainly what you lack.

It doesn’t matter to me how you respond to these things.  Who am I to order anyone around.  But what you stand to lose is a pittance.  There is no profit at all in being incomplete.  What you stand to gain is immeasurable.  What fully profitable things might be accomplished if you fully belong to God?

You could be like me, and wait until you’re 60 to get a partial clue.  Assuming God will be merciful and let you live that long.  Or you could just cut to the chase today.  What could you be in Christ if you gave everything you had to find out?

I thought it might be good to add the following.  Instead of looking for only one man to grill you about your Christian life, perhaps you want to look for a team of three. 

And who knows, in the process of questioning the three may be grilling themselves.  Certainly a profitable circumstance for all.

Humility is the target.  Profitability to Jesus is the cash flow.

By His Grace

“Keeping” our Brother

Have Christians coddled one another to the point of eternal death?  Have many gone to the grave destined to suffer eternal loss?  And has the reason been, that no one confronted them in regard to the seriousness of rebellion?

let every man do what he knows the Gospel demands.  If our brother displays a weakness that is inherent from his former life, then let us encourage him towards strength.  Let us fill his mind with the promises of God for those who are faithful.  Let us continually remind him of those who have gone before us through great sufferings.  Let us strive to point out how trivial our sufferings of this day are, compared to that which is to come.  By all means let us encourage such a one.

But let us make a distinction between weakness and rebellion!  Is Christ in us not wise enough to make the distinction?

Coddle weakness in the hopes of overcoming.  But confront rebellion for what it is!  Even our unwillingness to distinguish between the two, is rebellion in itself.  For God has promised us the gift of wisdom, given freely and without judgement.

We do well to point out rebellion as an abomination before the Living God.  We do well to encourage such ones with Holy Terror.  Let us bring a simlatude of the Judgement Day before their eyes.  Let us help them perceive their destiny as eternal death. 

We will most assuredly regret our fear of confrontation.  Gather together the boldness of Christ that lays dormant within you.  Strike out with confidence, and Christ will bless your way.

Jude said these things best.  22 “Be merciful to those who doubt; 23 save others by snatching them from the fire; to others show mercy, mixed with fear—hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh.”

But I must also add this.  Do these things with the utmost of godly care.  If the beam in your eye remains, you will not weild the wisdom of God with reliability.  But if you are submissive to the will of God in Christ.  If you have endured the purification offered by the Holy Spirit.  If your own life begins to depict the righteousness of Christ.  You have an obligation to apply these things. 

The putrid reply of Cain is unacceptable.  Yes we are our brothers keeper!  Yes we will be held accountable the death of many.  If you are not willing, then prepare yourself for the rebuke of God.

Amen.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.

By His Grace

Without Regret!

I cannot know the fullness of the Life that lives within the Holy Power of the Holy Living God.  But I can know in part.

What I perceive is beyond the expectations and dreams of man.  If man says something is worthy, God is more.  If man says an action is righteous, God is more.  If man speaks of a life that is worthy to live, God is more.

I can rest assured that the Living God in Christ Jesus is infinitely more than anything of man.  And I can rest in knowing, with great boldness, that the Living God’s Christ is willing to lift me into His Holy Life.

I may not know the fullness of the Gospel.  But I can proclaim with great confidence the things I have heard.  I cannot “do” the Holy Life my Lord Jesus has done.  But I can do the things He speaks to life in my soul.  For His Holy words are living.  They give and grant life wherever they appear.  If I survey my soul’s proof of “Doing”, and find clarity of conscience before the Living God, then I can rightly surmise that I have known Him.  And doesn’t this “knowing” provoke proclamation?

From this wellspring of holy Life, that beauty He has extended within me, I can proclaim with excellent boldness and fearless determination.  It matters not that I am void of full understanding regarding the things of God.  What matters is that I open my mouth and allow the Holy Spirit of God to use my tongue, and this to the Glory of Jesus the Christ of God!

Glorify the Living God, all you who know of His Good News.  Yield up what rightfully belongs to Him.  Give what belongs to God, even your entire life, body, mind, strength, and soul.  What reasoning should we use to excuse our partial and unwilling service?  What regret belongs to us if we hold back?

There is a day, and a day which is fast approaching, in which we will give full account of the willingness we offer today.  Shall we provide regret in that moment, by refusal to serve Him today?  Shall the eternal soul, which belongs to us, despise the choices we make today?

Wouldn’t it be so beautiful if our soul should be able to stand before the Living God’s Holy Son with a fullness of accounting, full of joy, boldness, and surety of accomplishment?  Wouldn’t it be so lovely a moment to hear the words, Well done, thou good and faithful servant.  Come.  Enter into the joy of your master.

How is your soul’s stance not your responsibility today?  What excuse stands well before the Living Truth of God?  Regret is a monster of monstrous proportions!  Why would you capture him and try to make him your household pet?  Don’t you know that a “Regret” will surely consume, without mercy, anyone who desires to tame him?  If this is the case with a single regret, what of an entire herd?  They will surely raze your entire house to the ground!

My Servant

I could not sleep because of the news.  I did not want to sleep because of the urgency.  A tumult in my house has robbed me of peace.  An occasional plundering of my goods has reached my ears. So I pondered with these questions:

Is the hope of God among men, locked away in some distant future place?  Is it God’s will that we be tossed about my temptation?  Is there no repair for the wayward heart of man?  Truly, must we wait for heaven to do the will of the Living God in Christ Jesus?

These questions come to me as one.  How is it possible that my love for God can lack at all?

And then the singular question branches quickly into a myriad of uncountable answers.

As bountiful are the temptations of this wicked place, each one wickedly stands to give an answer.  But one suspect stands much closer than the temptations of every day and night.

By force of truth, I have called him to give account. 

“You are my servant.  To you all things of mine are given.   You are set, by proclamation of the Most High God, to be in control of the things that are mine.  There is lack in my house!  How can this be so?  Give account of yourself, I demand it!”

The truth of reply is given: “My lord I cannot give answer for the moment.”

What can I say to this?  He has been commanded to appear in truth.  And with truth he has answered me.

“Sit here before me.  You have allowed lack, as I gave you free reign to do the work you are commanded to accomplish.  Now sit here before me, so I can inspect your ways. I will know your diligence.”

Who is this servant who has been given so much?  Who is this servant who is under such heavy rebuke?  What kind of servant can be given the responsibility for the health of my entire house?

With barely audible whisper I will tell you.  It is my will.

By His Grace


They call me a man, and among them, yes I am.

But that is not the sum of my name.

For there are those who were, long before I was,

and they have been faithful to remain.

God is first and God is last,

all else falls to and fro.

Among the throng I do belong;

But a child, and from below.


Ancient ages past have seen

The Faithful do His will.

Though in your sight maturity’s mine,

A child I was, and still.

The pride of man: “I’ve grown enough;

I’ve conquered all I have.

Respect me now for I’ve become.

Yes, I’ve become a man!”


And He said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”