A Bowl of Milk

I am in New Jersey. The godlessness here is astounding.

Yesterday I saw a truck hauling a gold casket. Rebellion against God to the very last. But righteousness will wake him up to present himself as he is sealed. A Sobering thought.

America is like a bowl. The eastern cities, full of the will of man. LA and Seattle, the other side of the rim. Chicago and Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, and so on. But in between is what is called the Bible belt.

Yes. America is like a bowl of milk. Some of its contents has splashed along the rim. But the nutrition is mostly settled in the middle.

America the Beautiful

America is such an interesting case study for Human Nature.  Freedom is flaunted as the most desirable thing.  But what do they do with their freedom?  They sell it to the highest bidder.

In my lifetime, I have seen America exemplify the reality of human nature, sin.  The pendulum of Freedom swings wildly between love and hatred.  Right now they are thinking of the definition of love.

I have seen America hand the fabric of their freedom over to social etiquette.  America will do whatever Society demands.  Regardless the cost, regardless collateral damage.

Right now it’s popular to love.  So America is all about equality and love.  But I have seen America hate for the same reason.

This is a very unpopular message.  But you should know, the pendulum will swing again.  Remember the British, the Indians, the Chinese, the Blacks, the Japanese, it’s own soldiers, the Hispanics, and the list keeps going on. 

Who’s next?  It seems like America is willing to love, but it also needs someone to hate.  Evidently this is what free people do.  But I refuse to believe that this is what godly people do.


Wake.  You who say “Shhhhh”, wake.

Look.  You who close your sleepy eyes.

Listen. You who fill your ears with tripe.

Your legs are broken.

Yet you think you can run.

You have religion.

But you have no Strength.

Wake.  The Living God moves among you.

But your stupor of greed restrains your senses.

You do not shed blood.

Yet you murder the souls of thousands.

Look.  See how the children reflect the doings of the inner room of the parents.

Listen.  The children hate with abandon, for they are not taught to revere the Lord of Hosts.

You give birth to babies, breaking their legs before they can learn to walk.

Yet you expect them to run!

You gladly receive a happy word from fools.

But you despise the Holy Word from the Living God’s Holy Son.

You are dead, even as you think you live.

Seek the Lord while He can be found.

Look about you.

See how the door has shut in your face.

Look at the horror that is your precious hope.

Look in the streets!

Can’t you see what’s happening to your precious hope?

Seek the Lord or remain dead, even while you think you live.

America the “Beautiful”

Who am I but a small man; obscure and lost among the crowd.  I am no one, that you should listen to me.  And if you saw me you would even think less of my value.

I am not a smart man in the way the world counts intelligence.  I am not a rich man that you should come to me to borrow.  And I am no philosopher that you should give me the robe and regal cap to wear.

But I was born in America.  In America I suffered greatly under the hands of vicious bullies all my days of youth.  And so my perception is keen to watch for such things.

I see that the pride of life secretly  gives birth to violence.  A man perceives he is greater than the weaker.  So he plots to destroy, that the plunder may increase.  Yes America, I know you.

You have many who restrain their desire, but the desire remains even as weeds in their garden.  You gloss over your wickedness and say, “I am only human.”  And so you disguise the terror you wield.

You say, We must do something about the iniquity among our people.”  And what is the something you do?  You create new laws of man.  All the while the violence increases.  You would say, “We can do nothing it seems to be out of hand!”   Yet you turn to more enforcement.

Bloodied children fill your streets.  The week cry out with no one to rescue them.  But you have conspired to make better laws.  And this is the answer you will continue to give.

Yes I have lived in America and I have seen these things.  Your pride is in what you will do.  But your own doing only makes matters worse.

Why don’t you humble yourself before God?  Why don’t you leaders, who make these ridiculous laws, fall on your knees on the floor of Congress and pray?  Remain there until the Holy One comes to give you wisdom.

Why will you not cease to rely on your own laws?  It is because you have made laws that bully you into agreeing with the liar.  You have forfeited your own freedom.

They say “We will do as we please.  No one stands against us and we will take what we can lay our hands on.  We will make more laws, and force America to become a place of plunder.”

You do not remember that God sees everything.  He is quiet, and so you think you have his blessing.  You think you can move with impunity and gain whatever you desire.  All the while your streets become more and more violent.

I fear you are past the place of waking.  I fear a coma of ignorance has covered you in the darkness.  For the love of money and power you have forsaken your own children.  And their cries testify against you.

God will not stay silent forever.  He will rise up and you will be utterly destroyed.

If the path you were on led to prosperity, there would be peace in your streets.  But how can peace come, when you yourself instigate war within your own house? 

If it is at all possible, you are urged to wake!  If you have gone too far, prepare to be destroyed. 

What you have taught your children will rise up and destroy you.  The riches with which you have spoiled them, will rot before your very eyes.  There will be nothing left to plunder.  All you will be left with, is an empty banquet table, from which you can eat nothing.

Can You Say Weird?

It’s ok to have our nation run by serial liars who have a sincere hatred for Christianity.  It’s ok if they just bend every law, as they apparently feel the need to do quite often.  It’s ok to give those people more money, power, and honor. Evidently.

But let a conservative step up to lead and the nation goes nuts.  We’re not even talking about someone spouting Christian beliefs.  Just wanting a reasonable approach to governing, balanced spending, and allowing the people to assume more responsibility for their own lives, is enough to provoke a linch mob.

Weird, huh?  The only reason for this, that I can tell, is demonic activity.  Why not?  Where’s the godly activity?

America’s Future

Riot part 2

Riot part 2 (Photo credit: interrobang)

Considering how great the threats are which present themselves against the people of America, I have tried to give account of how involved with the things of God I am to another.  One does a task for the Lord.  Another does another task for the Lord.  One is given to provide for certain aspects in the family of God.  While another one is given to war in the realm of the spiritual, unable to deal with the issues of the other.  The Apostle Paul speaks of the “gifts of the Spirit.”

With this in mind, there are certain things we are all required to accomplish for the sake of God’s will for America.  God’s people in Jesus, who are named by God as His people, are the key to what happens next.  And this is summed up with the following Scripture.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  (2 Chronicles 7:14)

It is appropriate to warn my brothers and sisters that there are two plans available in the hand of our God.  There is blessing for this land of America.  And there is horror to inhabit if we fail to heed this warning.  This is all I will say in regard to this.  May God bless our hearts to understand these things.

By His Grace.