Tools of the Trade

A curious observation:

The Romans were fixated on death. It was their form of authority, entertainment, and motivation to do what is right. Prosperity meant mingling of blood and money.

For the most part, today’s society is fixated on peace and longevity. It has to be said that they worship these. The majority of people don’t worship God they worship their own tranquility. Prosperity means apathy and money.

Still the world is no better off, because the presence of God is ignored just like it was in the days of Rome. The soul is only considered for the betterment of the man.

The tools of the trade have changed. But the trade remains, glorify Man.


Ancient Obscurity 

What is ancient? If something is ancient is it useless? If a people are considered ancient are they also useless?

This generation:

Enjoys peanut butter,

Knows nothing about the personal life of George Washington Carver.  (or the Aztecs for that matter.)

Enjoys peaceful civility,

Knows nothing about Moses.  

Has a firestorm of social trouble,

Knows nothing about Adam and Eve.  

Considers themselves far advanced above every other civilization,

Knows nothing about the Living God who provided all Good things.  

Is taught that the body is the proper center of man’s attention,

Knows zilch about Christ Jesus.  

In your estimation are these things too harsh to write? Prove the value of these words yourself. Make it a point to start a conversation with millennials. What I’ve written here is extremely kind.  

What’s the point of bringing this up? Whose job is it to step out of what is called ancient and prove to the millennial’s that we are viable human beings? Perhaps in conversation we could bring up the usefulness of the generations past.  

I realize that this writing may be completely useless in itself; being of ancient intent.  

Times Up?

Rising up in their midst, in this particular generation, is a man who speaks of the ancient ways.  They call them ancient ways, as if they are dead, but they have simply been pushed out of the way.

Much to their amazement, and to some extent disgust,  the old words present themselves again.  They thought time had destroyed them.  They thought the modern age had made them obsolete.  To complete their pleasure, all they had to do was wait for the old ones to die.

How surprising that the ancient words of history live even today!  And how surprising it will be, that when they think their victory complete, babies are raised up to speak them again!

My friends, they are not ancient words, as if the eyes of man sees decay.  They are ancient eternally long before the beginning of this place.  They are as strong this moment as they were from the beginning.  And to your amazement, they will thrive long after you are dead.

The language of man has changed, and so his toys and the use thereof.  But truth and mercy are never ending; from eternally before to eternally after.  It is only your wicked perception that gives truth a time limit.  It is only the perception of wicked men that relegates truth to the old folks, in the obscurity of their death.

By His Grace