Public Note to Self

Define purity.

Three men appeared to Abraham.  At that time a marvelous blessing was given to Abram.  And at that time, a horrible declaration was understood (surprisingly quickly).  They were in route to visit Sodom for the sake of Destruction.

As two of the men left to their destination, Abraham detained the One with questions about justice.  And I read these words, “Now the two angels came to Sodom in the evening”.

When I read the words I didn’t have a slice of time to wonder.  I knew.  The Majesty of God will never set foot in the place of Destruction.  It is enough that He should hear the reports and send emissaries for the sake of His will. 

If you wonder why Jesus, the very word of God, appeared among us (in our place of destruction), it’s because Jesus was sent as an emissary – for the sake of his Father’s will, and for our salvation.

Do not take these words at face value.  Think as deeply as the Lord’s wisdom will allow.

Consider this, and answer with truth, define purity.

My Place

Come, listen and perceive.

You are First, and forever so, Holy Father.

For you are Life and Continuing, forever and forever.

And your Glory displayed in your Holy Son, likewise is he; continuing, life, joy, peace, majesty, righteousness, justice, the singular door to Life, the Grace of the Living God.  In all this and more, he is First.

And those who have been faithful to your Holy and Righteous Way, those who did not fall away or think to do so, these are first.

And those who hold your promise faithfully against the wind of sin.  These are first.

And those who have heard of your Great Glory in Jesus, those whose eyes are only beginning to open, these are first before me.

For I perceive my feet, how they stand with heel over the edge.  The pit behind me, the promise under my toes. 

And do I hear you speak to me, yes indeed I do.  “Fall on the Promise.”

By necessity my face finds “Forever Grass”.  And so I cling, with desperate intent.  The precarious cliff on which I lay, is firm and forever by your Holy goodwill.

They are first before me.  Yet perceive precious soul: the place of last is far better the neverending place of fire.

There I will stay, or better.  Arms like steel cables, fingers like chisels staved into the grass of forever. 

My will dressed in his.  Life is his desire.  Unequal to mine, it ascends to forever.

The soles of my feet: from them rises a vapor of destruction.  But cling I will because of his will!

The Living God is Good!

Protecting Angels?

It came to me as a flow of understanding.  As I listened to my mouth speak.  I was afraid of the words I heard.

On the nightstand of a child sits a statue of an angel.  Comforting words are given to the little one, and she falls into deep sweet sleep.

Mother and father leave, closing the door softly behind.  Off to watch the horror movie they have desired for so long.

Then my mouth spoke of things I had never heard.  Astonishment is the only possible way to describe the understanding.

For longer than the scientists claim the universe has existed, the Holy Angels have served the Most High God with excellent faithfulness.  Even at the great falling away of Heaven, they kept their place with love for He who lives forever.

How ancient and beautiful are these creatures the statue represents?

Then my mouth spoke of the judgement day, that coming date of Revelation and abject horror.

There are the mother and father, countless mothers and fathers.  There stands the results of their teaching, their children are there with them.

Stands the living God.  The proclamation is made.  And those who spoke comfort to their children, witness these living, beautiful, holy, and righteous creatures come and take them to their rightful place.

I make no statement of prophecy.  I did not see this with my eyes.  I attribute nothing to my words more than surprise.  I cannot say this is a revelation from God.  But it is the truth, certainly, among the ungodly.

Let all who read this ponder these things with sincere, earnest, and sober mind.

The Ultimate Citation

Most people I talk to have not thought through the Judgment very well.  By what they say to me, they figure some how to escape.

But I wonder what they would say to the following.

You’re speeding down the road at 92 miles per hour in a 60 mile per hour zone.  A law enforcement officer comes up behind you with his lights on.  Obediently you pull to the side of the road.

As soon as you turn off the engine, 2000 law enforcement officers appear from the tall grass along the road.  While amazement still covers your mind, they completely encircle your car with guns drawn.  Frankly sir, you have nowhere to go.

Do people really think they will stand one on one with the Most High God?  Do you think you will be allowed to banter and barter your way out?

Almost every angel will be summoned to the judgement of man.  You will be encircled on every possible side, with absolutely nowhere to go. 

Those who are destined to destruction will have absolutely no choice.  The angels will discompassionately obey the Holy Father’s command. 

It is impossible for God to lie.  He has spoken destruction for those who do not love his Holy Son. 

This is no opinion.  It is the final and true Word of God.  Those who do not humble themselves before the Most High God, turning from their sinful ways, will receive the promise of destruction.

There’s a lot more to the gospel than just repenting of your sins.  But let this writing set the stage for all the things that need to come next.

By His Grace

By Faith?

You read the first chapter of Genesis and take note that its all the way to the 26th first before God pronounces the reason for creation.  “Let us make man in our image.”

And then you read in 1st Peter chapter 1, an allusion to something similar.  “Even angels long to look into these things.”  And this remark is given after a short discourse on the value of faith.

Everyone of us has wondered why faith is so important.  It is because faith has to do with performing God’s will even though we don’t know the outcome.

Take note as to how all the creatures involved in creating what is creation, did not hear the reason until some distance into the building.  And even while salvation among men is in full swing, the angels still long to look into these things.  Unless the translation is wrong, I noticed that Peter did not use the past tense of the word “long”.

Remaining obedient though  we have no clue, is not only essential now, it is a pattern of behavior for all God’s creatures for eternity.  And this ought to renew our devotion to serve without full understanding.  Frankly folks, that will be our state of affairs forever.

Surely there are moments  of revelation,  or revealing, like when a truly disasterous experience comes to us, only to reveal later, it was the only way to a magnificent blessing.  

But there is a great plenitude of times that we will simply have to serve in pure faith.  I would take this to strongly urge myself to produce a willingness to believe.

We love him.  We trust him.  And our love and trust never disappoint us.  If he asks us to rub two asparagus together for an hour and a half, who are we to question his orders? 

(Frankly, I can’t imagine the slightest possible good that can come from rubbing two asparagus together for an hour in a half.  But it was the most ridiculous exercise in faith that my imagination could conceive. 

. . . If the lord ever asks any of you to do that, please take the time to drop me a line and tell me what the outcome is.)

By His Grace

Words and Actions

Do the angels in heaven fail to tell one another that they love God?  No they say it in praise to Him openly and to one another.  Is only among men the such words and praise are forbidden.

But who should we align to?  Shall we join men or shall we join the angels in heaven?  For we will surely be among them.  Will it be known of us that we were ashamed before men?

Let us not praise God only with words, but with actions also.  But good actions among men are a welcome addition to society.  It’s the words they hate so much.  And those who keep them to themselves for fear of reproach, prove that they hate those words also.

By His Grace