If a man is a friend of God in Christ Jesus, he will receive from the world the same things God receives.

Count the cost.

Defining Appropriate Passion

The Cobra sways so beautifully to the music of his master.  The master can even reach out and pet the Cobra’s head.  To its master, the deadly animal is tame.

But do not think you can tame the Cobra.  Do not think you can pet his head.  For you will find out something about Cobras.  They absolutely adore using their fangs.

If a creature is considered as enemy, the cobra will bite.  If the creature looks like food, the Cobra will eat.  He is simply built to be that way.

Define for me, the appropriate passion for the Glorious Lord Jesus.  In my perspective, we absolutely adore him.  At the same time, in our adoration for the Righteous One, we find ourselves abhorring sin.  We learn to hate it in our selves.  And we learn to hate it in the world.  It is an obvious enemy.

The question lays out before us as this: do we dance to the music of the world, or to the music of Christ Jesus?

By His Grace

Faithful Perceptions

So many things to touch and see.

So many things lay out of reach.

The fingers of men will grasp and twist.

But they can never touch what’s His.

Why do you fear, O little flock?

Do you fear the hands of men?

Where are your treasures laid up in stock?

On earth or bound in heaven?

By His Grace

What’s it Take?

I watched out the upstairs window, at a Blue Jay and a Robin.  “How cute.” I mused.  “They are waiting their turn with a piece of bread.”

But a piece of bread does not flutter when a bird lifts its head from pecking.  It was the Robin’s baby!

For a moment, she took her eyes off her love.  The Blue Jay took opportunity.  Now the baby languishes toward death, while the mother watches from a small distance.  Helpless to hope.  Lacking in size and talent to fight back.  Unable to morn.  Yet unable to look away.

I looked immediately for relevance to humanity, Christianity, and the nature of Spiritual reality.  “How does this apply to us?”

I remembered my thoughts in the shower.  “diligence gives life.  Slothfulness invites death.

Men love to play, rest, relax and be slothful.  Every man either fights against it, or he gives in rather often.  “What’s the matter with just hangin out?”  Everything is wrong with just hangin out!

A buzzard is a fright filled animal.  He loves peace and tranquility.  Yet when hunger comes, he must embrace a certain elevated level of stress.  He hates it.  But it’s a necessity.

Demons are much the same.  They hate righteousness.  They love peace and tranquility.  They are sloth amplified.  So when they come across someone just hangin out, they look with intense interest.  “Is he dead to God?  Or is there still some faith left.  Will he agree with my wicked and unholy desires?  Or will he balk at suggestions?”  If you agree with their enticements, they will consume you.

In my 60 years, I’ve learned that diligence produces peace and tranquility.  When things are in order and finished, there is a time to hang out.  But you won’t find diligent people hanging out to play games till sun up.  They will be tired and ready for rest.

Yet they will take the time to pray; that precious sacrifice of “last hour of strength”.  They will have busied themselves all day with things that matter, taking care of the charge before them.  They will not have even caught the eye of demons.  And, when their day is done, they will ask the Lord of Life to watch over their unconscious mind.  They are diligent to the core.  And they will LIVE.

Rest, peace, play and slothfulness will murder you.  Those who love you will watch with mute horror, as you are devoured by wicked behavior.  Your house will become a trash heap of useless dribble.  And life will elude you all your days.