I was rightly convinced decades ago. Reverence for Jesus, the fear of God, (in the book of acts, in the first century) was not at all like Christianity today. The people were not baptized as a beginning of their Christian walk. They were baptized because they were "walking".

They were not baptized because they believed the message of the gospel. They were baptized as a sign and seal that they were living the Gospel.

How does that compare to what you have witnessed?


The Beginning

“Confess Jesus as Lord and you will be saved”.  How’s that workin out for the Church?  When you look around, in Church assemblies,  do you see people who are exhibiting the holy lives you’d expect among the people of God’s Holy Son?

Confession of Jesus’s Lordship is an essential part of Christianity.  But it’s not the first step.  Nor is it an end in itself.   People have taught that this is all that’s necessary.  That’s simply not the full story.  But they have turned to this in order to add to their numbers.

How can Jesus be Lord over a people who won’t obey His call to holiness, purity, and truth?  To cover their tracks, the people who promote such a weak gospel teach their disciples to say, “I’m just a work in progress”.  Where’s the progress?  Do you expect wings, a personal cloud and a shiny harp too?

The people who went out to John the Baptist, went to him confessing their sins.  Then they were baptised in the water of the Jordan river.  When they came up out of the water repentance became a way of life for them.  Abstaining from sin became the norm for them; not the confessing of faith for sins caused by neglect of holy duty to the Living God.

On top of that, they were given notice that the new life they were coming into would be made fully “alive” by the baptism of fire that was coming.  If what they learned from John was to live a radical new life before God, how radically different should our experience be with the baptism of God’s Holy Spirit?

If their obedience to righteousness was expected following the baptism of John, how much more following the baptism of The Holy Spirit?

I have lived my life as one of that weak gospel’s disciples.   I have found it incomplete, unproductive, and thus a lie.  However, listening to what The Lord teaches and obeying that WORD is producing the Christian life I have come to expect to see in those who claim to be saved.

Please give this a good measure of consideration.   It is not those who simply confess who will find acceptance.  It is those who hear and DO what they hear.  How should it be otherwise?  I realize you likely won’t build a mega church with the requirement of holiness in it’s disciples.   But all will bow the knee and confess the Lordship of Jesus; even His enemies will do that.  So how can that be the sum of expectation for His people?

By His Grace