The Glory of God


Not dressed as the manufactured beauty of today.  But bloody none-the-less.

Do not weep but understand.

Every stripe, is strength to you.
Every blow another piece of armor.
Every particle of every drop of blood is eternal life even in its self.

Endlessly strong and willing is the One men weep about today.

See and understand.


If everyone who worships the Christ where to speak with the boldness of the Living God, the world would not put up with us.  They would rise up as one to put us all to death. 

Then watch the power of God be displayed among Man!  For among the ranks of the murderers rises equally as many!


“The Faith”

“The Faith”

Teaches what is Holy;
What is unknown,
How to understand,
How to endure,
How to “become”.

Temptation must come;
In the form of ailment,
In the form of beckoning toward sin,
In the form of fear,
With the threat of destruction,
Yet with the opportunity to glorify the Living God’s Holy Son.

Do we understand these things?  Of course we have.  The question to us all is this:
Why do we not apply what we know we understand?


From the beginning of this blog until now, I have always spoken of things much higher then are easily attained.  Many would look at me and say, “He is surely a hypocrite.  No one can attain to these things he writes.”

I have written that Christians have a command to judge rightly.  So I cannot fault my brothers for such an assessment.  It is right that we should test every spirit, and not be willing to embrace every man who comes along and says he is in the name of Christ.

But I will say two things in this regard.  I do not search to defend myself, there is one who knows.  But I desire to enhance our Christian walk for the glory of the one who knows.  I perceive that the family of God has squandered many things for far too long.

1.  I ask you not to judge me as a man.  That would be of no benefit for anyone.  For you will surely find fault.  I am still in flesh and I am among you even as you are.  Rather I ask you to judge what is here by its content. 

Does it prod and provoke faithfulness to the Holy One of God?  Does it compromise and equivocate to the things of this world?  Or does it point at man and say he is shameful, while standing in the shadow of the Holy One?

2.  Yes I have been a hypocrite against the things I have written.  There are times when such things have been too high for me to reach.

But should this place represent the things that are easily grasped?  Would that not be to be as others who write only of the sweet things?

I have been cut to the heart many times by the things the Lord has provoked me to write.  And thus this place is tested, even by the one who has written it.

I have been severely challenged by the Holy One in all these things and more.  I, like you, am in the process of becoming.  I have in my mind to overcome.  I do not think it proper to honor him with anything less.  And in the same way, I present these things to my brothers.

If there are five of us left, should we be less than his desire?  And if there are 10 million of us left should this be true?

The earth is not shaken by mediocrity.  It is less by the sin that covers its surface.  If God’s people will aspire to what is best, what can be accomplished?

And so I pray and live and write toward the things that are best.  I refuse to back down!  I purpose to strive for the very best.  He is honorable in all things!  And it is right to bring him what is best.

Let the judgment of man be pointed toward me, I am not hindered.  I will aspire to rise, by His Holy Grace!

The Holy One holds in his hand such magnificent gifts.  Not only is his promise true for the place we are promised to inhabit,  but he has spoken his desire that we should have the fullness of His glory, to man, even now.

It is written “To perfection there is a limit.”  Yet which one of us can say he has attained?  I refuse to believe that the perfection God grants, in his holy wisdom to men, cannot be reached.  He does not ask too much of us, and he provides all that is necessary to attain!  And I have every intention of seeing how high, on his holy mountain, a man is allowed to climb.

May God have glory through all his people and this through Christ Jesus His holy and Righteous Son!  Let us say “enough” to mediocrity!  Why should we not rise to the things of Stephan, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Gideon, the Apostle John and the like?

Thrice Holy is the Soverign Lord who bought us!  How should we linger and languish as only religious men?