Fear of Fire

How can God save us from trouble if we always play it safe?

How can he prove his powerful salvation if we never confront our sins?

How can he save us from the murderous lion if we always stay in our home?

We say that God is powerful.

Do we have, have we become, a living testimony?

Fear is not from God.

But he is a consuming and Holy fire.

Look in your imagination.

Do you see the raging flames?

He has not set up the fire to test us.

The fire is what he is!

Those with faith do not stand still.

One foot in front of the other,

They walk into the fire

Allowing it to burn away that which is not God.

Fear and timidity belongs to the flesh.

Boldness, sobriety of mind, fearless trust, and every other good thing, is of God.

Choose to die for the sake of Christ or live in fear all your life.

Choose the latter and that is what you will be on the great and terrifying day.


What is fear?  Isn’t it fear to ponder what can be done to us?  Doesn’t fear come because we know we are weak and defenseless.

What is perfect strength?  Isn’t it the knowledge that we are perfectly protected?  Doesn’t strength come because we know that He who protects us is above all things?

Therefore I am proud of my weakness and am not afraid.  For the One who has sworn, by his very blood to protect me, That One cannot lie!

I see the fear that was in me, and gladly spit in its face.  “You will not own me!  You have been dethroned.  You are destroyed before you speak!  The One who is above you owns this soul.”

Come!  Believe beside me.  The shadow of fear has no hold on those who believe!

Fear Constrains. God Releases to Boldness.

I woke to be with the Lord this morning.  In our time together, he revealed a mystery to me.  I will try to relate it as best I can.

Why are people so reluctant to grasp a fearless doing of the Gospel?  What cuts some apart to boldness, while most live out the Gospel as if in secret?

The answer is simple, they fear.

Fear of man compels most to withdraw from public displays of Holy Truth.  Desire to “profit” among men drives most into a life of subdued worship and expression of God’s Holy Will among men.

They hear what the bold disciples say.  But they also see how such bold men are treated.  They quickly weigh the prospects of shunning, and make the determination that such travail is not worth the effort.  They must make a living.  They must eat.  They must compete in this wicked world.  And a bold proclamation of the Gospel will surely diminish their chances of survival.  Men will certainly hate them and exclude them from “prosperity” among men.

But what makes the difference between those who fearlessly proclaim the Gospel, and those who believe yet hide (to whatever extent)?

Two things play within the bold.  It’s hard for me to describe which one comes first.  Perhaps they come in unison.  One provocation to boldness is the blessing of God in the way of knowledge.  God causes the bold one to understand that the way of God is absolute, true, and sustaining no matter what.   The other provocation is that the bold perceive the wickedness of man as endless chaos.  No matter what they do, man will never protect.  Man is incapable of sustaining.  Man is full, and endlessly so, with lies and empty promises.  And the riches of man, that so called  “profit”, can provide nothing eternally valuable.

It is written, “They hated me for no reason”.  The bold receive the same treatment.  Their brothers and sisters in Christ see this treatment of the bold and withdraw to secrecy.  It’s that simple.

There were only 12 Apostles.  There were only 72 that were sent out.  And of the mass of men, there are (in my personal estimation) less than 1 percent of the population that will give all to God for the sake of His Holy Son’s Honor.  And it’s quite possible that I have over estimated the number of those who are bold for Christ.

I have seen many rise up to boldness.  But I have seen very few remain bold.  Usually, when a man stands up for Christ, the world around them beats them back into submission, and quickly.  They sink back into the “profit” of man and never rise up again.   Let no one misunderstand the power of the world to destroy.  This even happens, often, to men who wear the titles of pastor, preacher, evangelist, and so on!

If you would be bold for Christ, then be bold.  But first it would be wise to learn to hate the ways of man’s “profit”.  For they will surely use it against you to drive you back into their slime.  But if you would be willing to loose all for Christ, then, by all means stand!

Who is willing to die for Christ?  Who is willing to receive the beatings that man is all too ready to dispense?  Is it you?  If not, then ask yourself, “Why do I fear”.

God will sustain the willing heart.  He will feed the wicked, why won’t he feed you?  And if they come and take all you have, what have you lost?  These sayings are readily available among  Christ’s people.  But the key to making the decision to be bold lay in a fearless belief.  Are the promises of God TRUE?