Serve Self?

Let common sense rule.

Every servant serves a master. He who serves himself is no servant at all. Doesn’t he make himself his own domain; King and the subjects over which he rules. Can anyone say “folly”? And no servant is allowed to serve two masters, such a man will not serve either one with integrity.

We are servants to the one we obey. Fidelity is the target. Either a man serves chaos or seeks, with all he has, to serve purity.


Side with one political group, you’ll be happy for a little while.  

Gather certain friends around you, they’ll give you comfort for a little while.  

Bank on staying young all your life, you’ll be delusional for a few years.  

Things change.  Disappointments come.  The next guy gets his chance to be happy for a little while.  

Happiness in this world is like a crazy Bluejay.  He flies from one branch to another, blessing the place he stays for a little while.  But then he gets hungry for something “other”.  The branch where he was, springs back to its original position; empty and waiting for another bird.  

But in Jesus, you’ll find the potential to be at peace forever.  The winds of change can’t destroy his faithfulness.   And those who place their full trust in him are never put to shame or brought to ruin.  

It all depends on what you want, doesn’t it.  You want all the temporary chaos?  Graced by occasional happiness, like icing on a muffin.    Or are you looking for something endlessly permanent.  

Don’t just, “try Jesus”.  Put all your trust in him and you’ll see that what I’m saying is true.  

You always have the option to fail and be miserable; you can always go back to living a useless life.    You will not always have the option to take the beautiful life he offers so freely.  

Think about it.  

Do You Worship Chaos?

Thought process:  Warning, the following may be tough on your brain.  

Sitting all night in Chicago. Yeah in Chicago. The O’Hare oasis as a matter fact. The Lord brought me to a parking spot just before rush-hour. Unless you’ve tried to do that with a 53ft trailer, you have no idea what a miracle it is. Thank you Lord Jesus.  

Why would anyone seriously choose to live here. I break it down to the elemental things, it has to do with distractions. They prefer a busily entertained life to following cows around in the pasture.  

Warning leap of thought:

God is not a distraction.  

(That would be the reason why most of the billboards around Chicago have to do with sex, luxury, gambling or alcohol. Oh yeah, there is the occasional “make you feel guilty” billboard. Hospitals, oh yeah, hospitals are a Big thing. And I can’t leave out the governmental mandates to be happy. Apparently God’s not allowed to be the God of Chicago. It beats me to death to figure out how a city, that has to be so well organized, can worship chaos.)

He himself, in Jesus, is life. Religions are distractions. But Jesus is the center of every religion.  (just leaping from one rock of thought to another.  Following me this morning takes a little bit of agility.)

This is not to say that every religion recognizes or worships the living God’s holy son. But Jesus provides life. Man’s interpretation of Christ’s sustaining is called religion.  

A thought I had earlier:

You can tell someone that Jesus is the son of the living God. They might nod, meaning they understand. But learn to spend quality and dedicated time in prayer with him and the meaing changes exponentially.  He is no longer just an invisible figurehead, he becomes the source of your very life. Gladly our personal religion gets tossed out the window. In its place comes a living faith.  

(here’s a bit of a rub for you: The living faith I’m talking about is not based on opinion. It is based on the words of the Bible and constantly compared to those holy words. If it weren’t, it would be no different than any other religion; filled with opinions of Man.)

There are fanatics of every distraction, from religions about God to football 🏈 🙃, and every conceivable aspect of life in between. But the true fanatics of Jesus know what I’m talking about. Once he touches your soul personally, you never forget it. You don’t have to memorize a personal religion anymore. You’ve arrived at the place that surpasses them all.  

Sorry if this is disjointed. I didn’t intend to write a 300 page book. But to explain all this would surely take at least 300 pages. The mind can put things together in a much smaller space.  

Happy assembling.  

Love -VS- Fear

Love has a name.  So does fear.  The first is referred to as Light.  The second is utter Darkness.  Where there is no light, the darkness muses like a toxic fume.  But even a lantern can dispel enough for a man to work.

Food for thought.

Too Much, Too Many

Look how much has been written about the glory of God and Christ.   A 30 some year display of pure obedience and love for his Father.   Just 30 some years out of the history of Man.

The great abundance of Man’s history is filled with rebelion and chaos.  If the accusations God has against Man were to be written in books, how many volumes with that be?   But for the Lord Jesus, the volumes of accusations against me might easily well up to over 3000 books.

But look how great the wisdom of God is, he wrote all that is necessary in one single book, an amazing book of tragedy and release.

Interpret This

It is impossible that anyone should write the book of another one’s life, either before it begins or as it is in full swing (not even their own).  The only accurate substance of that book might be that the individual was born and died.  Everything else in between is beyond our understanding.  Vastly distant from our grasp.  Thus beyond our ability to quantify and lay in order.  Who can even say, with certain clarity, why he has done what he just did?

John Forbes Nash went crazy trying to predict Human Nature.  We can’t even come close to predicting the next 5 seconds of our lives, let alone the injected will of God among men.

I didn’t want to become the man I am.  When I was a child, I was just like everyone else, full of fantasies to be a good man and perfect.  But my personal history is so fraught with folly; tossed about as it was, in the frothing wake caused by Humanity’s struggle.  Ignorance appeared to be my best friend.  The wisdom of God was to me nothing more then falling and glowing embers raining all about me.  And righteousness seemed to hide just behind every coming corner.  Still Jesus is King and able to save.  He is the singular reason this fool has hope.

But who can predict where chaos will go?  Who can deny that man is loaded to the Grave with chaos?  And why would we waste time with tears of remorse, when we are fully destined as food for destruction without Him?  It is useless to pine away and cry for the things that cannot be changed.  Far better to seek the perfect place.  Far better to seek with all the strength we own!

It is awesome how we are misunderstood.  It is as if every man is an entirely different language all his own.  If I could summon a string of pure and perfect words, deliver them with absolute integrity, and sit to wait for the response, no doubt I would be blown away by what came back to me.  “Oh, now I see what you mean.”  And they would deliver to me a perfectly wrong interpretation.  The words of Man, by himself, are uselessly full of fault.

Salvation belongs to God and to the worthy lamb, Jesus the Christ.  Man does not own truth, because our ways are so very full of chaos and destruction.  If a man wants help, it is impossible that he should turn to anything man-made.  It is only through the power of God in Christ that we affect any eternal good at all.

In the way of religions:  if you want to know the truth about the object of unfailing faith, I advise you not to fall for the things that make human sense.  God is utterly unlike us.  His ways and his salvation will, by His very nature, be more than we can imagine.  There is no chaos in God.  There is no unfaithfulness in Jesus.  Death has no place in the  personnage of God and His Holy Son.  The power of God’s Holy Spirit among us is the only source of Truth.

I say these words: Christianity is the only means to eternal life.  But I know these simple words will be interpreted in such a variety that no one could possibly count the variations.  I shrug my shoulders.  What is that to me?

You don’t have to believe me.  Simply do what God has said, “Humble yourself before me, seek my face, and I will be found by you.  But keep your pride and your desire for autonomy and you will die.  Sacrifice and offerings I have not desired.  But I prepared a body to be sacrificed on your behalf I have delivered among you.  He has appeared among you and done my perfect will. My salvation stands ready to receive you.  Therefore come and let us reason together.  Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall become white as wool.

God has loved us with a perfect love.  He is not a man that he should change his mind.  He has written his promised salvation in the very blood of his Holy and Righteous Son.  God’s promise you can predict, because he makes no mistake and he cannot lie.  Man you should suspect.

How this is received by anyone is not my responsibility.  But to have spoken these things is a distinct privilege.  It is forever right to offer hope to my brothers and sisters of flesh.  It is also forever right that every man, woman and child should consider such things as these as indelible truth.