Fear of Fire

How can God save us from trouble if we always play it safe?

How can he prove his powerful salvation if we never confront our sins?

How can he save us from the murderous lion if we always stay in our home?

We say that God is powerful.

Do we have, have we become, a living testimony?

Fear is not from God.

But he is a consuming and Holy fire.

Look in your imagination.

Do you see the raging flames?

He has not set up the fire to test us.

The fire is what he is!

Those with faith do not stand still.

One foot in front of the other,

They walk into the fire

Allowing it to burn away that which is not God.

Fear and timidity belongs to the flesh.

Boldness, sobriety of mind, fearless trust, and every other good thing, is of God.

Choose to die for the sake of Christ or live in fear all your life.

Choose the latter and that is what you will be on the great and terrifying day.


For now we live under the specter of death. Fear controls our every thought and action. But that will not always be so.

To be clear, God did not create death. Logically speaking, it is an oxymoron to create death. Death is nonexistent. It is impossible to create nothing. Rather, it was one of God’s creatures who chose to become nothing.

Pure life which is God can never cease. Anything that is not God has no purity nor eternity in it. How endlessly precious and utterly important then is the gospel of Christ?

The Well Worn Door

The more prominently they are exposed, the more likely their fall.  And the noise of their fall turns heads for miles. 

Necks snap in the direction of the noise.  Eyes widened with joy.  Legs that were poised to spring, explode into action.

Not for the weakness of righteousness,  but because the weakness of man.  So is the imminent crash of greedy desire.

Better to live in a cave in the deepest of woods.  Better to live in the shadow of obscurity.

Better to thrash about with wild animals than to contend among the pride of man.

But who can convince the young and gifted, when so many rise to fame?

The desire to be somebody outweighs common sense and wisdom.  Their attention is fixed on their own name.

And when the one is thrown down from his position, because of some common sin, those who desire his place are the first to attack his throat.

“Devour” waits for the hungry.  He lurks in the grass of the hunting field.

Unseen and crafty, powerful and deftly agile, with eyes that see weakness before it develops.

Mercy lives in obscurity.

As the blessing of God is given to the prayer uttered in a secret place, the mercy of God finds its best deployment among the humble.

“Devour” does not desire the gaunt.  There is no fat in their skin.  The meat on their bones is sparse and tough.  Diligence has spared them great anguish.

Humiliation and humility are brother and sister of the same God.  But one is a servant while the other is of the family.

One goes out to take, the other lives to embrace.

Each man makes his choice of friend at the door of opportunity. 

There is no lock on either door.  Enter as you will.

Those who desire wisdom desire the family of God.  Those who desire precarious folly desire His servant.

So it has been written since the day of Adam.  So it has been established from eternity.  So it will not be removed until the last day of this place of testing.

How can a man tell the difference between the door of humiliation and the door of humility? 

On the one, the knob is dented and loose.  On the one, the wood at the edge is severely worn. 

So many have passed through here that the door shows exceedingly great wear.  Care for the things of others is dismissed among those rush to humiliation.

But the door of humility is pristine.  It is polished to a shine and greatly cared for.

Those who have entered in have used careful fingers.  You would not think it is used at all.

At the door of humiliation is glee and celebration.  The great noise of joy can be heard on the other side.

The door of humility is entered into by those who are unnoticed.  And once inside there is no noise to be heard.

Through the one door is a flat open space.  Through the other, are a myriad of staircase.

It would be better to resign from your place, and walk among the humble, than to climb the stairs of profitability and fame.

But what good are these words to those whose hands are greedy?  It is an easier task to tear loose the prey of a lion, then to rip greed from the hands of the proud.

By His Grace

Which Way

Sweet God in heaven, help me know.
Which way this son of yours should go.
This dream I had, it touch me so.

If it comes true, I’ve choices to make.
A split in life, what path to take?
The choice is made before I wake.

Your will is first, as always Lord.
For I am tied with holy chords.
Just let the split become Your road.

May your will be done forever, O’ Sovereign God of heaven.  As you are first, so may be Your will.  What loss is mine if the bounty belongs to you?  Yet whose tears shall fall, mine or someone elses?

What choice is there?  You have given me promise on promise.  So if someone should cry or suffer, let it then be me.

By His Grace


Fox from above

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I saw the fox this morning.  The one the neighbors would desire to just go away.  He’s got an appetite for cats.

He sat against the tree line.  Still and listening with those great ears, he patiently waited to find some prey.  He turned his head my direction as I had made the slight sound of a shuffled sock on the deck.  Then he turned silently and walked like air back into the woods.

Later I watched a cat walk along that same stretch of woods.  It looked ahead, left, right, behind.  And eventually walked like air into the woods.  “Bad choice”, I whispered.

Was it really a bad choice?  Did the cat realize what had sat just a few feet away an hour ago?  And, given the situation, did the cat really have a choice?

We do what we do according to what we know.  And once we make a choice it’s done.  Did we really have a choice?  We consider everything we know to do.  Yet, how often do we find our choices were wrong.  Did we give every option its proper due?  Surely we heard the whisper of God’s directing.  Did we recognize the Lord’s word?


By His Grace.