Less Trav. . .

There are two paths in life. One is narrow, and requires The stealth of heaven to navigate. Very few walk there on, for godly agility eludes them.  

But consider the other path. It is broad enough that a man may carry the immense lies of the imagination. Those who take this path have numerous gods of their own. Confusion is their king and worthless folly their riches.  

The light yoke of the Living God’s Holy Son is too little for them; to wear his will, his mercy, his love and his grace, is to walk about naked in their estimation. As is written, “the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing”. They would rather be clothed with palpable trivia than truth.  

Beyond question every path has a destination. The way we take determines the house we will enter. It is written by the law of God that this will be so. His law is immutable. And it is blazing the apparent in the nature of things around us, as God has created it to be.  

Due to the pride of man and the free will commanded by the gospel of Christ, I can do no more than write these words. It is no feather in my cap if some listen. It is no joy of mine if most don’t.  

Just One

How big and bad does something vile need to be to destroy a righteous Man?  

Like a single ant on a pebble in the Rocky Mountain Range.  

What then is the state of affairs for a wicked man?  

Will you really then continue in your way until you were called to give account of yourself to God? Really, will you let your mind relegate the Judgment to the category called religion (conveniently forgetting and pushing aside the things that matter most)?

If you stand condemned for the things that you have done in the past, why add to it by not listening to Him today?

The judgment of God does not sleep. The gospel does not go silent. And your life continues as you choose to make it.  

The Judgment of God will be like an F-5000 tornado. There will be no place to hide. And there will be nothing left untouched.  

Let those who decide to be vile, continue then to be vile. But let those who can hear, hear with sobriety.  


They say, “yes”.  

“We live in a land of shadows.  Reality and forever is beyond our comprehension.”  

They say “yes”.

“Eternal reality has come to walk among us.  He brought the incomprehensible to live in our language.”

They say, “I’m not sure”.

When the Lord promised to bring beauty to the ugly.  Though true light was brought to us we prefer to live in shadows.  

They say, “I don’t know”.

When they wonder, “Does this apply to me”.

It applies to everyone. How are you not included? And if we have been included, how can we possibly remain silent and timid?

Is it wicked for a man to eat a marvelous meal in the comfort of his home while the beggars crouch around his steps?

Xanthium species

burrTemptation sits idle along every path a man might walk.  It does not have the sense to desire you.  It simply remains, deadly and dishonorable.

It waits with senselessness to bring shame to anyone who would stop to admire it.  And when the soul begins to admire sin, dishonor flourishes.

Temptation is no better or worse if a soul drinks its poison.  It is the man, who reals about, blind, drunk, and dying.  Temptation simply sits waiting to be consumed.

Men think of temptation as if it were an enemy.  Temptation is not smart enough to be aggressive.  No.  The enemy is not temptation.  The enemy is folly that is bound up in the desire of the man.

With our desire we dishonor the One who made us.  With our desire we destroy our legacy.  With desire we make the choice to be useless and damaging.  The one who desires temptation is the one who owns his own choice.

Broad vs Narrow

It is easier to set a man against the entire world than to set him in opposition against himself.  (Paraphrase from Matthew Henry’s commentary regarding the narrow way)

The social, religious, and political activist finds it easy to point his finger at the nature of things around him.  All the while the truth of Christ points its finger at the nature of things within the man.

This is the difference between living our life in the broad way which leads to hell and destruction, and the narrow way which leads to life. 

The only one who has a right to speak against the nature of wickedness, is the one who is enduring a holy chastening of his own.  As the Lord makes the man accomplish, he also endows the man with rights and expectations.

How few are willing to endure the Holy Judgment of God’s expectations daily?  How many simply ignore God’s direction without examination?

Endure the Holy Fire of God now, or endure it forever then.  That’s our choice isn’t it?  Join the vast crowd and die unchanged.  Or submit yourself to the Eternal Holiness of the Eternal Living God.  Remain free to make your own choices, or submit all your choices to the One who lives forever.

Matthew 7: 13, 14

By His Grace

Stench of Fear

For now you dress in poverty;

The freedom to do as you please.

Be rich, be poor, be rebellious.

Live your choice with ease.

Constraint will show its lovely face,

And all the world will mourn.

Provoking God, they’d dressed themselves,

With mocking crowns, their heads adorned.

What choice is then, given to men?

Neither rich or poor will be.

But all will bow with stench of fear,

Giving Glory, for Glory is he.

By His Grace