The Temple

How the relentless wind blows; chilling the bones and securing the approaching season’s home.

Plowing the earth for snow’s foundation. The blinding white temple will be built, regardless man’s desire for Spring.

The Gospel blows upon the earth, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful in all its Holy intent; chilling all souls and preparing for the approaching season of eternity.

The plow rips the ground. The foundation of Lovely is established. The blinding white temple will be built, regardless Man’s desire for Spring.

The reason for turmoil is exposed. Who is wise? Who prepares for Winter?


Salt and Ice

The world is growing colder to the will of God.  And in the end we will see that coldness increase.   What should a man of God desire then?  How will he resist becoming cold to God’s will as the world around him freezes deeper?  Here are some isolated thoughts regarding this coldness. 

It is given to man a certain part of truth that he might give it to others.  I present these things for someone else to expound on.  I am not receiving the ability to put them together in a “fluid” state (no pun intended).  I encourage the one who is blessed to assemble them to do so.  I would love to read how they fit.

Pure water freezes at 32 degrees.  But add salt and you can extend water’s resistance.  The more salt you add the more resistance to freezing.

The Lord Jesus refered to truth as water.  A Spring of water welling up within a man is the work of the Holy Spirit leading us to holiness. 

He also speaks of the need for us to have salt in us.  We are encouraged to have salt in our speech.  This salt is the Gospel.  We are to testify of God’s words often and with boldness. 

Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt.  That is, there was no water in her testimony.  Though she was leaving the judgment of God, she did not desire His will.

I want to have God’s will in my life.  I desire to know the Gospel (both the warnings and encouragements of God’s word).  I desire to resist this “Coldness” the world is headed to.  So the more salt within me the better. 

I consider the effect of salty water as it resists the cold.  And I’m put in mind of a burning desire to receive the will of God.  Now my mind turns to a question.  What is the melting point of salt?  I find it melts at an astounding 1545 degrees.  What cold could freeze such an intense heat? 

Father, Your Holy Name is from ages past.  Your truth remains unmovable and sure.  It is Your will that can withstand the blast of cold hearts.  The sin around us grows colder and colder to Your will.  Certainly, there will come a time when You rise from Your Majestic, pure, righteous, and Holy Throne to judge the world for all it’s sinfulness.  I beg Your perfect mercy, that I might not succumb to this coldness.  But allow that I should burn with intense salt of truth.  Let the water of Your Holy Spirit fill me with desire to serve the Living God.   You have chosen Your Son Jesus as our shield in the day of judgment.  He is our shield even now.  We desire Your will above all else.  Not because we are righteous men and women, but because it is Your will to separate a people to Yourself.  You are God!  And there is no one like You.

By His Grace.