With agreement of purpose they came to the place chosen by the Most High God. “Here The Confrontation will begin.”

So it began; Jesus said to them, “Whom do you seek”. They were compelled to state their purpose: “Jesus of Nazareth”.

Do you want to see the power of God? Look at what the demon filled people did at the Lord’s response: “I Am He”, Jesus said. At that the mob drew back and fell to the ground.  

Demon filled?  Do not forget, when Judas left the dinner he left under the command of satan who was in him.  The ruler of the kingdom of air against the ruler of all eternity.  Yes, the minion was present in that garden.    

The people themselves were unsure of why they had come, they were simply following a nondescript order, “Bring in Jesus of Nazareth”. But the demons in them knew they had come for a singular purpose. They had come to murder the Word of God.  

When they fell away from God at first, they murdered the Word within them. Now they come as if to complete their wickedness.  They came to complete their challenge to the Majesty of the Living God.  

It has been said that the people drew back for fear of the destruction that would surely come to one who blasphemes the Holy Name of God.  But I know I can say with confidence; their appearance in that place at that time was most conspicuous.  

A physical manifestation of reality.  A fight to the death.  The drawing back shows the dawning of sobriety, the realization of why they had come.  It was the beginning of culmination for the desire of God’s enemy. “Force the Son of God to recant his position.”  God willing met them in that place!

In the passage, we are not looking at religious men gone crazy with a lust for blood. We are looking at the beginning of the greatest possible conflict in all eternity.  

Christ is LORD!



Some people say this world will never end.  They say all we have to do is take care of the planet. 

But it just struck me how many divisions there are in this world.  This is my restaurant, this is my store, this is my state, this is my football team, this is my……

I’m so tired of being witness to such a deluge of divisions.

A house divided cannot stand.


I went down to feed our outside dog.  He is an amiable, lovable creature.  The big galoot wags his massive tail, and smiles with open jaw, exposing his sharp teeth.  Woe to the one he despises.

I poured the food to the ground.  Why not?  It is his plate.  Why waste time to put it on a platter, as if I would feed a man.  He will not clean it and put it away for me.  It will only blow around in the wind.

So I go upstairs and look out the window to watch him enjoy his meal.  He has finished eating before I arrived at the window. 

He was not hungry enough to finish the entire meal.  And what I see him doing reminds me of Man.  He is happily urinating on his food.

“This is mine!”   He proclaims with vulgarity.  “Come eat what I have if you will, but you will not like the taste.”

I see it in the streets.  I see it as they’re shopping.  I see it in their homes, even among those they say they love.  And I have been witness to it in the best of possible places for man; The Church.

By His Grace


The threshold necessary to win a race depends on the endeavor of all participants.  If all the contestants only render 70 percent of their potential, then the effort necessary to win is 71%. 

But what shall we do if it is necessary for all contestants to render 100% whether they win or lose?  In short to win or die trying.

Isn’t this the nature of the gospel?  Isn’t this the necessity of the sacrifice of Christ?  Every contestant is required to obey the holy law of God the Father 100%.  Regardless their ability, the demand is perfection.  Regardless their willingness to give all, the demand is 100 percent.

Thanks be to God in Christ Jesus for the inexpressible goodness of His mercy.

By His Grace

The Sum of Life

All men are earnest in the things they believe are true.  Left alone, they will defend their beliefs to the grave.

To the man who rises in the morning to compete and to overtake his fellow man; this man believes his way is the sum of life.

To the woman who wakes with pains of utter depression; this woman believes that her way is the sum of life.

To all the men and women who wake to false religion; these believe their way is the sum of life.

The majority of people are earnestly wrong.  But I testify to you, in truth, that I know the True Sum of life.

The proud will say I think too highly of myself.  The downtrodden will consider me as if I am delusional.  To all of you I will say this, “What if I am right?”

If you were to examine your ways closely, and with truth, you would find them full of fault and unable to take you any farther than the grave.  But I stand firmly entrenched in confidence that I know the way to life.

I have not stumbled across this great wealth of understanding, as if a man may stumble across a 300 pound nugget of gold in an open field.  No.

This understanding, and life I now live, was granted to me by the Holy Lord of life through his Beautifully Holy Son Jesus.  What I know has been received from he who freely gives.  And he offers these things to all men who will humble themselves before his Holy Throne.

Do you want me to say more?  Do you want me to just shut up?  My friend I can not care what you want.

The wisdom of God within me says I have said enough.  The wisdom of God within me has compelled me to say what is sufficient.  If I said more, those who hate God would not care.  If I said more, I would take the place of God for those who would seek.  I have said sufficiently enough.