The Bride

The new bride came home to her new home!

She said a quick “Thank you and I love you” to her new husband. Then she went about adoring the walls and furniture, ceiling and floor.  

Not a problem you say. That was the last time she paid serious attention to her husband.  

She would cook for him is if it were a duty. And all the other chores of a wife she carried out without fail. She would let her lips brush his four head, as if that were a substantial sign of love.  

Her heart was so detached from him he might well have not been her husband at all.  

But do not judge her for infidelity. There was no other man in her life. The problem is, there was no man in her life at all. Still he was faithful to keep her as his wife.  

Does this draw a picture of your relationship with your husband Christ Jesus?

Freedom À la Violence 

“Wherefore, if you see another sin openly or commit a serious crime, do not consider yourself better, for you do not know how long you can remain in good estate. All men are frail, but you must admit that none is more frail than yourself.” Thomas à Kempis 

                          BE SOBER!

There is no one more vile than I. For no one is more adept at destroying the work of God than my selfish nature which lives within me.  

No matter what knowledge I have concerning righteousness, my roommate called selfishness knows nothing, desires nothing, and can produce nothing on his own. At the base of things, he only knows how to play with mud.  

What counsel is there in these things? I see this: be careful not to judge the sinners all around us. For with one touch of the love of God, anyone of them can out strip us with the doings of the Holy Spirit.   Despise the action, but be ready to embrace the actor.  

The one to whom much is forgiven, the same will love much. The one who is released from the deepest and darkest of dungeons will love the open spaces more. He understands captivity, and now embraces freedom with a violence.  

But the one who does not perceive his own wickedness, this one sees no need to praise. Righteous humility eludes him.  

God has raised mighty men from the sewer in the past. Rest assured, he is doing so today.

Belief Matters

What is it to believe in Christ? Is it just being righteous in some kind of religion? Is it just a clean conscience? How am I going to speak the answer I see?

If you believe the Living God has forgiven your sins. If you believe that you will live forever in a perfect body. What kind of joy you should fill your every day? What kind of love would you be pressingly anxious to deliver every moment in this life? I guarantee you it’s not the same joy and love the world talks about. They try to motivate each other all day long, but nothing ever changes does it.  

Look at this. These are just words. And that’s how most people take them. That’s not what they’re intended to be. They are the promise of the Living God in Jesus his honorable, faithful, righteous, and beautiful Son. And it is impossible for God to lie. They are words that are sealed with the blood of Christ, as if a wax seal on the scroll.  

Yes, I talk about God constantly. It’s because of his promise. And I would do it a lot more if I wasn’t shut down every place I turn.  

People say they believe in Jesus. There are a couple of definitions about believing. One definition is believing like a demon, “Yeah, I know God exists. And that doesn’t make me all too happy”. The only thing such a creature ever sees is sorrow and trouble. He thinks all there is to life is sorrow and trouble. He thinks all there is in eternity is sorrow and trouble. He thinks God is nothing more than sorrow and trouble. It’s no surprise that people who believe like the demons struggle in their faith and religion.  

Demons have a religion too you know; avoiding the Son of God if at all possible. They practice absolutely everything but what is good. They are eternally devoted to being utterly useless. And there are billions of people who follow their example.  

The other definition has to do with believing that God cannot lie. If he promised eternal life and forgiveness of sins, it is as if it has already been done. Such a creature lives for one specific purpose: to receive the things of God’s joyfully extended promise. And in the receiving there is a phenomenally generous giving. It’s impossible to shut that kind of person down.   

That’s what a Christian is. It’s got nothing to do with religion. It’s got to do with an enormously thankful heart. It’s got to do with the developing love for the One who has given life.  

Yeah, these are just words. But they are endlessly full of potential. Who will dare to believe? And how can such a believer be afraid of what others will think? Everyone will do what he has purposed in his own heart.  

The Fabric of War

​A man sits pleasantly 

In his overstuffed chair.  

Happily he stares out the window,

At the peaceful world out there.
I see it too.

Like all the rest of you.

But I also see something more.

I see the fabric of War.
The tapestry of nature;

Love, Hope, Faith, sure.

But I see through to the other side,

Those things to which those three are blind.
Engaged against a cunning foe,

Who employs the joyful and much more.

He sits and lurks among the leaves,

Watching, waiting, peace to deceive.
Be at peace old man and be there till,

Your Sun goes down and your body lay still.

You’ve escaped the blood you’ve escaped the Valor,

But what will you say when your skin is clay pallor?
White hot seduction screams contentiously by;

Tracers cutting air, in a bloodthirsty line.

Till one of them strikes through my vulnerable thigh.

Then angry, YES, am I!
Who is to blame?

It’s not you, it’s not me.

It’s the fabric of War!

Why, old man,

Can’t you see?
The time of repose is not in this life.

This is the place of blood, death and strife.

I’d rather be wounded, approved and endure;

Living strong in “The Faith of HE who is Sure
But do rest and enjoy the picture you see,

Whether stillness of beauty, or the warring disease.

Do not let your soul be caught shaken my friends.

But fight, oh do fight, to the promised strong End!

Employment Opportunities

​Think about the example of business.  From the one who gets fired out of necessity, to the one whom they groom to lead the company, willful dedication is what they’re looking for.  Why doesn’t the apply to heaven?
There are grumblers and vile Souls who think there’s nothing wrong with the way they are.  How such people expect blessings from God is beyond me.  But they sure cry out for a blessing when they need one.  And there are people who dedicate their entire life to the things of God.  There is no possible way that God will leave them without blessing.

Want to get fired from heaven?  Just let your actions speak for themselves.  (Nothing in nothing out.)  Do you want to secure friendship with Jesus?  Do the things He commands us to do.

I don’t know where this logical train of thought falls apart.  But I see a whole lot more people who want to get fired, than I do those who desire His friendship.  No, I didn’t make a mistake.  They want to get fired.  “Poor little pitiful me, I just can’t do it.”

P.S.  Hell doesn’t offer unemployment benefits.

Unnecessary Slaughter

The Army brought an impressive and massive array of weapons to the war front.  When they had set them in place, their enemy cowered in awe.

Seeing that they had achieved a ceasefire by their display of superiority, the Army dug deep trenches and gathered themselves within them.  There they pleasured themselves with conversation and delights that they had brought with them.  Less than an eighth of a mile from death, they celebrated, relaxed, enjoyed each other’s company, and fell asleep at nightfall.

During the night the enemy sent out spies out along the front.  The spies took note that the threat was not real.  When they returned and told their commander what they had found.  Then, all hell broke loose against their enemy.

The night was lit up to the eye and ear.  Explosions made the night sky look like daylight.  And the sounds of terror could be heard an eighth of a mile away.  When the dawn broke over the battlefield, all that was left of that impressive array were smoldering heaps of wreckage.

Is this what modern Christianity has done?  Have they brought the massive power of the Living God in Christ to the war of this world, only to huddled in their expensive palaces?  While they should advance without fear, they throw a garden party!  While they should be wielding the Eternal words of God, boldly and defiant against the lies of this place, they enjoy each other’s useless dribble of Chit Chat.

Yes it makes me irate!

Judge for yourselves what is right.