Mud cakes I make.  Diamonds are His.  

His voice like many rivers.  

Mine is more a hiss.  

I speak like shadows 

From behind the flesh.  

He speaks of Light.  

From Eternity’s chest.  

By nature I am contrast. 

By Glory He is Life.  

By Righteousness He’s free.  

From hiding I am strife.  

So much revealed.  

Vast sums are hidden.  

Yet it’s enough,

To speak as bidden.  

He’s so much life

That even so,

Our tiny words

Produce His will.  

To bring His Glory

Down to us;

To shape His message

From the dust.  


Useful Contrasts

We best define the Sun light 
By the darkness of the night.  

A thirsty throat can sing so well

Of a fresh and vibrant flowing well.  

A body racked with pain

Speaks best of peace to gain.  

And I suspicion thoughtfully

Defining love is brought to be

When the lack thereof oppresses me.  

Blasphemous Murmurings

Have you listened to the murmuring of the waters?  Do you understand the definitions of the words they use?

Language is from God.  But wickedness defines the sounds.

There is nothing innocent in the definitions of man.  In everything man says, there is desire to manipulate.

The ear of God plainly hears the blasphemous prattle.  Are your ears tuned to his perception?

Do not think we cannot Hear.  Christ’s promise offers wisdom to discern.

Or do his people also render blasphemous prattle?  Is that the reason why we embrace man’s definitions so readily?  Is that the reason why we are restrained from “becoming”?

By His Grace